The Twentieth Dynasty of Kevan

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December 10 2016 - March 3 2017

Ascension Address

After nine quiet years, a masked and curiously-attired stranger walks the mountain path into the isolated village of Zahndorf. The night watchman, still on patrol as the sun rises, calls out and raises a brightly glinting crossbow. The stranger nervously unbuckles his cumbersome leather mask, drops a heavy bundle of posters and brass instruments at his feet, and remaining at some distance, clears his throat.

“How many deaths since the summer?” he shouts.


The following players were active at the end of this dynasty:

card, Cuddlebeam, derrick, Kevan, Matt, orkboi, pokes, Quincunx, Viv

Posts of Interest

  • Say "Ah" defined diseases of Ague, The Black Death, The Pox and Toothache, with each player having a 10% chance of starting the game with a random disease
  • Rash Conclusions defined Symptoms, some visible to the group and others private. Each disease had several symptoms, appearing in sequence, with enough overlap to make it difficult for anyone to diagnose what they had.
  • The Reaper Man added "Death" as the fourth and final symptom of the Black Death, which made its sufferer unable to take any further part in the game.
  • Out and About added Locations to the village, and made the Ague and the Black Death contagious between villagers standing in the same place
  • Contagion Restrictus made location changing daily
  • The Long Run added the victory condition of last villager to die. If everyone died, the player who had infected the most others would win instead.
  • Snake Oil added various natural Remedies which secretly cured and/or caused diseases when taken
  • Things To Do Before You Die added Location-based ways to gather remedies
  • Starve a Fever caused symptoms to fade when a villager was cured of a disease
  • Health Club allowed using remedies on others
  • Well, Well, Well clarified the remedy rule, removing limits on how much well water can be drawn
  • Take That made using a remedy on another villager unstoppable.
  • Ghost Town added a rule saying that the game would become "dormant" if there were fewer than five villagers. (In a later dynasty this would be made a permanent Special Case rule.)
  • Never Did Me Any Harm added family stories, giving each player a unique insight about a random remedy
  • BlogNomic is Dormant: the game dropped below five villagers and briefly went dormant
  • Bark for Mandrake allowed trading of remedies in the marketplace
  • Rounding Up put all of the Doctor's duties into a single atomic action
  • Fast-Acting Leeches removed timing limitations on using remedies on others
  • Six Feet Away allowed voluntary contraction of the Black Death
  • AAAHAHHHAHAHAHHHAHAHA added the symptom of Dementia which prompted sufferers to laugh in all of their comments, later renamed to Confusion
  • The Doctor Is In increased the Doctor's rounds to three times a week instead of two
  • Doctor Where made the Doctor's movements random, and barred him from taking actions that weren't explicitly required by the rules
  • Placebo Effect allowed the Doctor to vote DEF and have it resolve with the majority. (This would later become the Special Case rule "Imperial Deferentials".)
  • Public Alchemy allowed ingredients to be combined when consumed, with opposite effects cancelling out
  • The Old Curse created the disease of Lycanthropy and secretly gave it to a single villager. The final symptom of Wolf Form could only arise on a Friday, and if the villager was not at home.
  • Finite looping limited how many remedies could be stolen from the Surgery
  • From Beyond the Grave allowed dead players to take actions from the "Spectral Actions" rule, which was created empty
  • Skeleton Staff allowed the Doctor to still perform some of his admin duties while Dead
  • Where Is Thy Sting? prevented the Death symptom from being removed from a player who had been cured after their death
  • Quarantine prohibited new villagers from entering the town, restricting them to the Road, a new location outside the village
  • Polterheist allowed the dead to move remedies from villager to villager
  • Silver Bullets Only said that Wolf Form granted immunity to symptoms of the Black Death. (This proposal came from the village's secret werewolf, and would help them to win the game.)
  • Last Rites allowed dead villagers to be moved to the Church
  • Guardsmen's Procedures allowed new Villagers into the village if they were showing signs of illness, and said that any unidling player would now be Dead on arrival.
  • Villager-Dead Villager bond created a stub "standmaster-stand" supernatural relationship between players.
  • Now I See allowed villagers with Confusion to learn of random remedy properties.
  • Stand Down limited Stand creation to the Church
  • Hunger Sets In required Villagers to eat one of a list of certain remedies periodically, or die.
  • An Apple a Day synchronizes hunger with doctors rounds, defines some remedies as plants.
  • God takes care of fools Stands grant the confusion symptom
  • That's the Spirit renamed Stands to Spirits because nobody knew the TV show Cuddlebeam was referencing
  • More Virulent RNGs accelerated the progression of diseases
  • Black Humor allowed villagers to commit suicide
  • Re Deal with the Devil: Pokes and Cuddlebeam took a bet on whether any remedy had the potential to Cure the Black Death, asking the Doctor to reveal it and rewarding or punishing the loser of the bet accordingly.
  • Unsanitary Conditions made Villagers staying at home during doctor's rounds contract the pox
  • Travel Ban ruled that villagers on the road could no longer get in, even with symptoms
  • The Sadness of the wolves added a win condition for the village being entirely cured of Black Death
  • Like Tears in Rain created the Saltwater Ritual, which allowed a villager to combine some ingredients and sacrifice their own life to cure the village of Black Death.
  • Dandelions added a new plant, Dandelions, on the Road
  • Butterknife, Not Bloody Knife! added a way to cure werewolves via silver bark or silver butterknives, with a possible chance of death
  • The Feather of Dust added more levels of tiebreak
  • Burdock of Proof added dandelions (and all plants) to the Forest
  • Biting Action allowed Lycanthropy to be spread as a daily action by someone with Wolf Form

Core changes

  • Never Did Me Any Harm introduced the concept of "secretly random" die rolls for the Emperor, which were not bound by the usual requirement that all dice be rolled publicly in the GNDT



Viv (who was secretly a Wolf at the time, due to an overlooked clause in this proposal, therefore immortal) called a town meeting to agree the village cured, after performing a Saltwater Ritual, and had the most Memento Mori.

The Plague Doctor's Casebook revealed the effects of all remedies.

Final Ruleset

Ruleset 145


This game lasted for 2 months.

This was my first dynasty and I clumsily pulled a few (mechanically successful!) scams but that actually accomplished nothing, because I didn't know how to weaponize them. So, instead, they just highlighted bugs in the system. I had an obscene amount of Well Waters at a certain moment, for example, when you were only "supposed" to have up to 3 items in your inventory. Wasn't useful though. Was really cool to have though. --Cuddlebeam (talk) 19:10, 6 May 2017 (UTC)

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