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The Sixteenth Dynasty of Kevan

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August 21 - October 6, 2015

Ascension Address

Retribution was swift after the massive leak of JoshCorp client data. Five million confidential profiles had appeared overnight on a public offshore server, without a single speck of a data trail. The tech teams were mystified, but corporate security saw no reason not to round up the usual suspects, skimming the background network traffic from the previous few weeks, kicking down a number of carefully-chosen doors, and dragging a group of protesting misfits along to the stark and separate concrete cells of Quandary State Penitentiary.

It would only be a matter of time.


Proposals of note

  • Sentence Structure gave all Prisoners a "Sentence" measured in years.
  • Beating Up the Wrong Guy established the basic mechanism for prisoner's dilemma posts where one prisoner could challenge another to a dilemma, and each could either cooperate or defect using a hashed comment.
  • I’m Not Locked Up In Here With You established the Warden/Emperor as an active player, but whose Sentence was considered to be "Demerits"
  • Crime: Time Theft was the first of many dilemmas
  • What the Prisoner’s Dilemma is really about allowed prisoners to declare Grudges, which would strengthen some dilemma outcomes.
  • Taking the Fifth allowed dilemma-ing prisoners to "Threaten" their accomplice if they hadn't responded or revealed their hash within 24 hours (it having been previously possible to keep quiet and let dilemmas time out if they wouldn't have gone in your favour).
  • Tapping on the Radiator allowed anyone to create a "rumour" dilemma between the two lowest-sentenced prisoners
  • The Big Man in the Big House gave a power to the prisoner with the longest sentence
  • Rumour: Escape Attempt was the first rumour
  • Total Institution attempted to add alignments and actions, but was voted for for being too random: a simpler version passed as Confiscating the Dice
  • There’s a Gentleman That’s Going Round introduced Snitching: dilemmas with -1 to all payouts, allowing sentences to be decreased.
  • Omerta made dilemmas time out at both-cooperate, if they reached 120 hours with no resolution.
  • SHIV Index introduced injuries and ways to get them.
  • Copycats not allowed removed the trick of copying the other player's hash.
  • Making it Clearer added a victory condition (later termed a "Riot"): if all SHIV scores are above 99, the lowest-sentence prisoner wins.
  • Clear Run made a second victory condition (later termed a "Kingpin" victory): being both the only uninjured player, and having the longest sentence
  • Attitude Adjustment made attitudes have some effect on dilemmas
  • 10-10 Furlough added "attack" as another type of dilemma; if both prisoners cooperate, a third is injured.
  • Shiv and Let Die added the twist that if either prisoner defects on an attack, their accomplice gets the injury instead.
  • Orange is the New Black introduced gangs
  • A Quiet Word gave the Warden a "Release" victory effect: if they won, they could nominate any other player as the victor.
  • The Great Escape added Escape dilemmas: initiator wins if both parties cooperate, one is injured if the other defects, nothing happens if both defect. Escapes could be stopped by injuring either party.
  • Passing the Buck allowed prisoners to take on SHIV from others, as a form of currency.
  • Escape: Up and Over - Purplebeard tried to escape with Darknight's help, but Darknight failed to provide the original text of their hash (and was injured by an attack shortly after).
  • Attack: Kevan - Purplebeard and Darknight ganged up on the Warden, but Darknight apparently forgot their hash text again.
  • Attack: Darknight - The Warden and Thrawn teamed up to injure Darknight.
  • Circle of Mooks established that attacks should be resolved oldest-first.
  • Reading the Riot Act put the game into "Lockdown" if a prisoner was injured, as something of an endgame measure, causing new and unidling players to join the game injured.
  • In the Kingdom of the Lame lowered the Kingpin victory to just "last man standing".
  • Stagnation might be flavourful, but it doesn’t lead to fun gameplay introduced injuries for prisoners who weren't getting involved in dilemmas.
  • Attack: Aname - ais523 attacked Aname with Tantusar, threatening Tantusar into cooperating.
  • Attack: Kevan - ais523 and Thrawn took out the Warden.
  • Attack: Purplebeard - ais523 and Thrawn took out Purplebeard.

Final Ruleset

Ruleset 132

Posts of Interest


Ais523 orchestrated the injury of every other inmate and became Kingpin.

Post-dynastic commentary here.

Dynastic Histories

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