The First Dynasty of Damanor

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November 23, 2003 - January 6, 2004

Ascension Address

People of the Interstellar BlogNomic Union, I greet you and thank you for your support. While our worlds have been scarred by recent devastation wrought by the Hydran menace, our Union between former enemies allowed us to destroy this mutual threat and form a unified government. As Speaker of the BlogNomic Council, I promise to bring an end to warfare within the Union, to promote the expansion of the Union to new, uncharted areas, to provide peace and prosperity to everyone, and to boldly go where no being has gone before!

To the Representatives of the BlogNomic Council:
By now, I'm sure you have all read the ascension address and are unanimous in your view that its worth can be measured in the pixels it is printed on. The Hydrans were temporarily defeated, not destroyed. Similarly, we may give the illusion of unity between our states, but we need make no such pretensions among ourselves because of a simple alliance against a mutual threat. Each of our governments has the same goal: to gain supreme power. This newly formed legislative council is simply the latest means to that end, created because open warfare is destroying everything worth conquering.

Each of us, as legislators, has the following objectives:

  • Rebuild our crippled military fleets.
  • Utilize captured Hydran technology to gain a military advantage over each other and, when the Hydrans return, over them.
  • Rebuild the civilian infrastructure in war-damaged worlds.
  • Maintain our support base in our respective governments to gain and hold power in our respective nations.


Bluebottle, Cayvie, Damanor, Elazar, Est, Joranj, Keitalia, Kevan, Kamikaze, Loric, Mal3, Mat, Nakor, Pakaran, Royce, Shadow, Squirrel.

Final Ruleset

Proposals of Interest

  • The People Love Me! (Joranj 11/24/03) Told what happened to players who lost control of their planets, along with how to gain control of other planets or remaining a "Free Agent."
  • Planetary Systems (Kevan, 11/24/03) Gave planets names and sizes, and allowed representatives to claim them.
  • Planetary Council (Bluebottle 11/24/03) Formalized the planetary council, and created Council Proposals, giving the rules a two-tiered system - amendments to the ruleset, and orders to council members allowed under the ruleset.
  • Infrastructure (Bluebottle 11/26/03) Representatives could construct facilities such as mining complexes and shipyards.
  • Our Glorious Past (Bluebottle 11/26/03) Created the BlogNomic History records. You're looking at the results.
  • Taxes and Spending (Damanor 11/26/03) Created an interstellar economy, with each planet as a tax base and returns varying based on the preferences of each planet.
  • Commodities (Mal3 11/26/03) Established the idea of trade agreements of certain commodities, and also created those commodities.
  • Oortnot Standard (Bluebottle 11/27/03) Developed interstellar military forces, along with a means of rating them (the Oortnot Standard).
  • Expand Your Borders (Keitalia 11/28/03) Defined the sizes of worlds and allowed some interstellar conquest, limited by need for a successful Council Proposal. (Encouraging bribery, treachery, etc.)
  • Change is good, but it'll cost ya' (Mat 11/30/03) This made it possible to change budget priorities (through hypothetical propaganda).
  • Adamantium Testing (Bluebottle 12/01/03) Created mineral resources and a way to test for them on your planet.
  • The Final Frontier (Est 12/03/03) While it helped to clarify the military construction rules, the main contribution of this proposal was the creation of Star Rangers to explore new planets.
  • To Boldly Go... (Est 12/03/03) ...And this one explained how to explore for new planets.
  • Adamantium Integration (Mat 12/05/03) Gave a purpose to Adamantium as a requirement for spacecraft.
  • Build me an army (Keitalia 12/14/03) Created Titanium for starship construction.
  • Agriculture (Kevan 12/16/03) Created Food, a resource created on unused space on planets.
  • Factory Work (Kevan 12/16/03) Created another infrastructure, Factories, and commodities created in factories.
  • Galactic Economy (Joranj 12/22/03) Set an overall limit on the money in the universe, with all transactions putting money into or taking it from the bank. If the bank ever runs out of money, the economy collapses and any representative who can buy out the debt becomes the new Speaker.
  • Space, The Final Whatchamicallit! (Keitalia 12/22/03) Added defensive space stations and made some infrastructures capable of being placed in orbit.
  • Lost...Lost... (Keitalia 12/22/03) Whatever happened to the old space fleets? Some of them are rediscovered, and each Representative could claim a few free ships.
  • Intergalactic Trade (Kevan 12/24/03) Since trade had been formalized without using the existing trade ship rules, Kevan suggested that Intergalactic Trading Posts be an alternative infrastructure, allowing the purchase of goods and services throughout space.
  • Political Upheaval (Damanor 12/29/03) Created an alternative form of takeover, in case the Speaker ever lost his/her position in the Council. In that case, government went up to a popular election, with the results randomly determined from a few outstanding choices.
  • God is a Number (Cayvie 01/03/04) Made a purpose to building factories: Infrastructures are cheaper to build with robotic labor.
  • Trouble at Mill (Kevan 01/04/04) A seemingly inconsequential rule saying that a Representative can get credits back after demolishing an infrastructure. Unimportant - until Kevan used this, Galactic Economy, and the wording of the Planet rules to take over.


Kevan realised it was possible to get infinite money out of the Galactic Bank by continually claiming ownership of a Planet, looting the 100MCr of its people and then abandoning it (at which point the Bank gave it another 100MC).

The "Trouble at Mill" proposal was the one catalyst he needed to get the infinite money going - once it had started, he proceeded to divert all of the Bank's money into Damanor's account, before carefully claiming the Bank's final few Mega-Credits, rendering it bankcrupt. Kevan was then able to buy the Bank out, and win the Dynasty.

A full and detailed explanation was made at the time.


Damanor's thoughts on the ascension:

"I didn't even realize I was rich until the economy collapsed."


History originally submitted by Damanor and edited by Kevan. Re-archived by Simon. Re-re-archived by Elias IX.

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