The Fourth Dynasty of Purplebeard

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April 22th - May 17th 2011

Ascension Address

People, people, calm down. The doors won’t open till nine, you’ll have all the time in the world to push each other and shout to your heart’s content then. I know you’re all excited to be part of this new initiative, Blognomia’s first stock market, and I’m sure that everyone involved will make a lot of money here, and that our actions will in no way lead any careers, companies or lives into ruin. Probably.

All dynastic rules are declared obsolete. Sheep becomes Investor. Chairsheep becomes Market.


The following players were active at the end of this dynasty.

ais523, Bucky*, Crumb, Darknight*, Darth Cliche*, Ely, Galtori, Ienpw III*, Josh*, Oze*, Purplebeard*, Rodlen*, Roujo, spikebrennan, Subrincinator, Travis, William, Winner, Yoda*

Final Ruleset

Ruleset 91

Posts of Interest



ais523 perpetrated a scam in which a post which was both a Shareholder Meeting and a Proposal allowed Business Plans to be changed arbitrarily (as although changes not by proposal, such as most Shareholder Meeting changes, needed approval, making the post a proposal as well got around the issue). There was some debate as to whether the scam was legal or not, but a majority of players accepted it. However, ais523 failed to use the resulting unlimited supply of Credits to win the game (due to not noticing corporation construction was merely a weekly action), although he and a group of other players did manage to gain control of several startup Corporations as a result. Yoda repeated the same scam (most players could not afford to) and used his existing holdings, along with some help from Galtori and Travis and the change from one week to the next, to gain control of even more Corporations and declare victory. The resulting DoV was rather controversial, with people voting AGAINST for a range of reasons (some people didn't think the scam worked in principle, whereas some thought it did but that some of the actions Yoda took were carried out improperly and where thus invalid, and it didn't help that Yoda had become Chairman of one of the corporations so long ago that it had since scrolled off the page), and the DoV went from initially almost 100% FOR to almost equally FOR and AGAINST. However, it remained more FOR than AGAINST, and eventually passed.



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