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The First Dynasty of Rodlen

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May 21, 2008 to July 9, 2008

Ascension Address


The year is 2169.

Scientists working with interdimensional portal development made some big mistakes. Because of that, a large interdimensional portal covers the whole of Antarctica.

We here in the Dimensional Defence Agency must stop anything from coming out of that portal.

The DDA is led by I, Rodlen, and Yoda is my second in command.

Already, somebody calling himself Overlord Purplebeard has escaped from the portal.

Repeal all dynastic rules. Replace all mentions of Henchman with DDA Member and all mentions of Overlord with DDA Commander in the ruleset.

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Final Ruleset

The final ruleset can be found here.

Posts of Interest

The game began with an "Insanity Stage" where the dynasty had few rules, and Yoda wanted to take over. It was known for the self-veto and the DoV with no hiatus. This stage had few proposals of interest. Mostly, it was just loophole plugging through a loophole.

The Slowdown occurred several times during this dynasty, when there were no new proposals for days, and timed out proposals still waiting to be dealt with. Events like these led to the Time Bomb counting down to Meta-day. - The CfJ that finally ended the dynasty.


In the closing days of the dynasty a CfJ was posted that claimed Yoda was going too far with attempted sneak wins. The CfJ called for a rule called time out to be made if it passed. However it turned out to be a sneaky plot by Yoda himself, using a rule that prevents italic words from being added to a rule and causing the time out rule to allow him to achive victory.


Without a doubt, this dynasty started off with the inmates trying to run the asylum.

And it continued to be a great dynasty for amending the core rules. Rodlen 03:24, 31 May 2008 (GMT)
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