The First Dynasty of Trigon

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14 February 2019 – 12 April 2019

Ascension Address

The Untamed Wilds:

A party of adventurers arrives in a town at the edge of civilization. What lies beyond is an endless wilderness. Very little is known about it other than that it is very large and very dangerous. Many claim it’s full of ferocious monsters.
Most people would stay as far away from such a place as possible. But not our intrepid friends. Each member of the party has their own motivation for braving the Wilds. But who will return to tell of their exploits is yet to be decided.
Repeal all Dynastic Rules. Replace “Detective” with “Adventurer” and “Chief” with “Dungeon Master”.


The following players were active at the start of the Dynasty:

Allo, derrick*, Kevan*, Luther&Locke, pokes*, Trigon, Zaphod

The following players were active at the end of the Dynasty:

card*, derrick*, naught, pokes*, Trigon

Game Documents

Posts of Interest

Votable Matters

Dynastic Mechanics Proposals

  • The Grand Hunt created the basic mechanics of the dynasty. Monsters, tracked on the Bestiary page, would be created every three days in a Respawn. Adventurers could Hunt every time there was a respawn.
  • The Trading Post gave monsters Spoils, which could be scavenged by Adventurers after the monster was hunted. These were classified as Items, which were tracked on the page Marketplace and Trades, which could be performed to exchange items for other items.
  • Adventurers, assemble! allowed players to hunt each other to increase each others Support, which would be added to a hunting attack.
  • The Wild Wild Wilderness changed the wilds to four different locations, so that monsters would be more spread out.
  • Punching monsters 2 added Weapons, which could be used to add attack power during hunts.
  • And Where to Find Them gave monsters an Ecology, which determined where they could be spawned.
  • Danger and Death gave Players a Health, which went down every respawn.
  • Improved Exctraction (sic) added Tools, which could be used to add scavenging power to increase the probability of getting monster parts.
  • Take Action Again! consolidated travelling and attacking. Now both would consume Action Points.
  • Level Up! let players gain Experience and level up either their Might or their Magic. Might would give the player more attack power in each hunt, while Magic would have usages later.
  • Sleeping is Time Consuming added Camping, which adventurers had to do each respawn, relieving a load from the Dungeon Master.
  • The Dragon added a win condition: gaining the Dragon's head, a guaranteed drop from killing the Dragon. It also created the Dragon's Lair, which took two Cryptic Clues to reach.
  • Spelling Bee added Spells, a usage for magic.
  • Detective Work handed out Cryptic Clues for clearing wilds.
  • Overhunting allowed players to decrease the frequency of the monsters they have hunted.
  • weaker but still usable fixed some overpowering aspects of hunting and added magic and might tests.

Monster/Item Creation Proposals

Core, Appendix, and Special Case Proposals



Derrick obtained and destroyed the Dragon’s Head.


Trigon (emperor)

The initial stages of coming up with this dynasty were rough. I had plenty of ideas for different dynasties, but many of them I didn't know how to implement, and the others seemed too wacky for a first-time Emperor to deal with.

It took me walking into my games closet to get some real ideation to happen. I chose a card game called Dragonwood as my inspiration. This was what inspired the hunting mechanic. It would go on to also influence the win condition.

First, what went well? I think that the players had a fairly fun time with this dynasty. It was a fun enough concept. I also think that there were a lot of unique monsters and items, all with different effects.

Okay. What went wrong then? Well, the initial proposals and ideas for this dynasty were intentionally fairly standard. I wasn't trying to make something incredibly subversive -- in fact, the plot laid out by the Ascension Address was pretty much the most basic, romanticized fantasy plot imaginable. I was hoping, however, that in the main game, I would see some mechanics that deviated from the traditional Role-Playing Game. I also didn't want a dynasty that involved a lot of grinding. Then experience points passed.

This game also had a real participation problem. Lots of players joined but then left. We had to ignore pokes's idleness in order to put the Dynasty out of its misery.

Also, there were those dang cockroaches that just WOULDN'T SHUT UP.

Okay, that was a lot of complaining, but trust me, I did like this dynasty. I just thought it was substandard. Feel free to change my mind. --Trigon (talk) 02:23, 12 April 2019 (UTC)


Yeah, unfortunately there weren’t a ton of players participating. The biggest flaw was the grinding nature that the game took on towards the end; it’s really hard to come up with a progression system that doesn’t have that built into it. Despite that, I very much enjoyed the dynasty.

DEATH TO THE ROACHES! --Naught (talk) 14:55, 15 April 2019 (UTC)


I checked in on this dynasty a few times since I managed to catch it starting, unlike the previous 3. I thought the theme was somewhat too generic for me so I checked in at most every 2 weeks to see if it was more to my liking. I later saw that it went into hiatus for ~3 days so I joined to try and end the dynasty since it was running at over 2 months. I missed most of the action but at least the dynasty wasn't as bland as I thought it was when I was just skimming over the ruleset.

My goal if derrick hadn't done that offer to me was to support someone and then repeatedly use the brain boost spell in order to level up quicker than otherwise possible.

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