The First Dynasty of Excalabur

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October 22, 2005 - December 3, 2005

Ascension Address

Gods, goddesses, deities and divinities,

I have summoned you to this plane to give notice that the old order of the gods is changing. The perilous balance between chaos and order has become upset, and a new equilibrium is being formed as we speak. The physical existence that I have wrought will no longer stand as a bulwark against disorder, and a new storm is brewing.

I will be able to stave off the forces of dissolution but will have no longer the attention to maintain law and order amidst the realms of mortals and deities. Though I have created you, I cannot vouchsave your existence any longer. I know that you gods have held your struggles for power and position in past days, and it is my hope that you will be able to suspend such claims as you have on one another until I can derive a solution for these new problems.

It is now a time of which stories will be told from men to men throughout the generations to come, if any such men are preserved to tell the tale. The old order rests uneasily on precarious foundations, and the terrible forces outside of our existence are potent with renewed vigor. Go, then! The time is upon us to record the account of things to come and shape the mythos of future aeons.


The following players were active in this dynasty:

Angry Grasshopper, Cayvie, ChronosPhaenon, Excalabur, gazebo_dude, Gwydion, Hix, Kevan, Rodney, smith, The Lone Amigo, TrumanCapote

Posts of Interest

(This list of significant dynastic events is currently incomplete.)

Ruleset and documents


Excalabur achieved victory having the highest Quintessence of all Deities, and their Pantheon the Dominant Pantheon of the most Cities.


This dynasty began as the Second Dynasty of Angry Grasshopper with Excalabur as its "Adversary" - both of whom had the same powers, including being able to veto proposals. It came out of a CfJ at the end of the previous dynasty (presumably in a situation where both players felt they had a fair claim on the victory and didn't want to surrender it entirely), with the clause that "The Dynasty is still considered to belong to the Hegemonist alone, but if the Adversary is able to achieve victory in that Dynasty, then its title is changed in the Dynastic records to bear the name of the Adversary instead."

Excalabur won the dynasty, leading this dynasty to be historically considered the First Dynasty of Excalabur.

Dynastic Histories

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