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The Sixth Dynasty of Bucky

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November 23, 2014 - January 18, 2015

Ascension Address

On behalf of the Jovian Authority, I welcome the newest batch of Gnome-class autonomous service craft to the system. As self-owned AIs, you don’t have to worry about the usual immigration paperwork. Just please be aware that Callisto orbit is off-limits to unauthorized vessels and that it’s considered rude to use your anti-meteoroid devices to nudge other spacecraft.

Repeal all Dynastic Rules except for “The Assistant Referees” (do not keep its subrule, “List of Proxies”). Change Coach to Traffic Warden and Player to Shuttle.


The following players were active during the Dynasty: ayesdeeef, Bucky, Doctor29, Eritivus, Jefferson Steelflex, Kevan, Laoding, Seventy-Fifth Trombone, Slyphrena, Sprucial, Teninten

Final Ruleset

Ruleset 123

Posts of Interest

(This list of significant dynastic events is currently incomplete.)

Derelict Origin Stories

The Traffic Warden posted some snippets about the Derelicts' histories as comments on various posts.

MC Geran

MC Geran was a cartography ship from the era before Magnetic Boosters. She was scanning the surface of Io when a debris strike crippled her main engine, leaving her unable to boost out of Io’s gravity well.

Rumors that an orbit sweeper intentionally redirected a rock across MC Geran’s survey trajectory are, of course, strenuously denied by the Debris Disposal Authority. ([1])

MC Keitalia

MC Keitalia was a hauler from the early years of the Jovian colony. Her greedy captain loaded her with as much cargo as she could carry and bought exactly as much fuel as he needed to reach Callisto. As soon as she got up to speed, she found her exit vector blocked by the solar sail of an incoming colony ship. She burnt all her remaining fuel in a collision-avoidance maneuver and was stranded in Ganymede orbit.

The loss of MC Keitalia led the Jovian Authority to commission our modern orbital fuel-delivery service. ([2])


Kevan won the game by establishing 29 flags around the various moons of Jupiter.


This dynasty suffered from a low active player count. Many of the mechanics, like Deflecting, assumed there would be a critical density of ships moving, which never happened. -Bucky

Dynastic Histories

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