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The First Dynasty of pokes

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April 14, 2017 - May 21, 2017

Ascension Address

Centuries ago, a group of teenagers in Pays-Loups, a small country near Zahndorf, decided to settle a small quibble by hitting various things and each other with sticks. They had so much fun doing this that they decided to do it more often, and other people had so much fun too that over time Bloggsball became not only the national sport of little Pays-Loups but a favorite pastime of neighboring countries as well.

As the Manager of a local International Bloggsball Association-affiliated Bloggsball team, this has so far meant big business for you. But a recent contract dispute has led every IBA player to quit right before this upcoming season. There’s only a few weeks to fill out your team, and maybe win some games, before crowds expect to see which team wins this year’s championship belts.

. . .

Throughout the ruleset, rename “Organ” to “Manager” and “Statolith” to “Commissioner”. Keep the “Atomic Actions” rule.


The following players were active at the start of this dynasty:

arthexis*, card*, Cuddlebeam, derrick*, Matt, Maldor, Oracular rufio, orkboi, pokes*^, Quincunx, Ryntai, Sphinx, Viv

And at the end of this dynasty:

card*, Cuddlebeam, Matt, Oracular rufio, pokes*^, Sphinx

  • denotes admins, ^ denotes Commissioner

Posts of Interest


Artist's impression of the Final Bowl

Took a while and was a bit of a mess. Cuddlebeam won the auction giving them the right to oversee all of the Bloggsball matches in the Final Bowl.

(1) Immediately beforehand, Cuddlebeam traded players back and forth with Publius Scribonius Scholasticus repeatedly to create players with Level 10^31 or so; they then played a game with these players to generate essentially infinite cash. With the infinite cash, they trained other Managers' players' stats to engineer the Final Bowl point totals they wanted. The games between other Managers were determined to be illegal since their stats couldn't have gone above the cap of 10.

(2) Players belonging to Managers other than Cuddlebeam and PSS were then removed from them via trading the players to PSS, who then auctioned them off. This left only Cuddlebeam and PSS with full Bloggsball teams. A CfJ undid this and restored the teams. Another CfJ gave Cuddlebeam 52 points for winning their four Final Bowl matches and rescheduled a Final Bowl between everyone else.

(3) This next Final Bowl involved Cuddlebeam overseeing some half-matches: A match/game was an atomic action that starts with rolling dice; if the dice looked to be unfavorable to Cuddlebeam, they wouldn't finish the atomic action and let it time out after an hour. The more favorable dice would have given Cuddlebeam victory; yet another CfJ made the games use their first rolls, giving Sphinx the most Merit.

Final Ruleset

Ruleset 147


Commissioner's Commentary: The rules for distributing players via auctions were part of the initial proposals, but I didn't anticipate the auctions becoming even more of a grind than just a daily grind. Managers would improve upon bids by the minimum amount ($1, then later 10%) thus making auctions less about who had more money and more about who sniped them better. It sort of got fixed later by limiting the number of bids and allowing for silent auctions (never used) but by then the damage was done; several Managers had idled and no auctions got to the same dollar amount as before, even for great players. --Pokes (talk) 22:44, 22 May 2017 (UTC)

More Commissioner's Notes of Potential Interest: I'm not much of a sports fan; I'd call the dynasty's initial theme "assembling a team efficiently within a limited budget", inspired by Michael Lewis' Moneyball. --Pokes

I'll definitely give a full commentary later but: DYNASTIC QUOTA OF A RESOURCE TO PERFORM ACTIONS: S U P E R B MECHANIC. Such as having limited games and cash. Everyone starts the same, newcomers aren't boned and you can still do stuff if you want to and have good strategic play when you happen to be active. Daily actions cancer: never again. Dynastic quotas are the cure. (Daily actions basically make "IRL Time" that quota and that sucks balls, because not everyone would have that same amount, either because they join later or they just forget to grind. Hail Dynastic Quotas!) --Cuddlebeam (talk) 22:54, 22 May 2017 (UTC)


On the nature of errors in Nomic: This was brought up in CfJ and illustrated as an "Illusion" versus "Sticky". continuum (Summarized into a picture: [1]). This issue has been also discussed in Agora's theses "Breaking the Rules" by Steve Gardner and to a smaller degree in "Pragmatism and Platonism: Two Approaches to Nomic" by Don "Vanyel" Blaheta, which may be of interest for anyone into a more in-depth exploration of the problem.

Dynastic Histories

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