The First Dynasty of arthexis

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January 15, 2009 - February 11, 2009

Ascension Address

Director: Yeah, well… What can I say? This is the most awesome Dynasty idea I’ve ever heard Arth. We are gonna put it to practice immediately.

Writer: Most honored, sir! What was the part you most liked?

Director: Perhaps it’s the part after they go there and do that, I mean, it’s awesome. I cannot simply describe it with words.

Producer: Actually, I think we will just need to do that. After all, we have to sell the idea to the public somehow, make trailers, find locations, you know… Mr Writer, how would you describe this new masterpiece?

Writer: Mmm, lemme think about it…

Director: This could take a while.

Repeal all Dynastic Rules and fail all pending Proposals and CfJs. The Watcher becomes The Writer. Citizens become members of the Staff.

Descent Address

The following are the Itinerary and Menu for the last Event of my Dynasty:

Menu: Cake Itinerary: Earth, Luna, Mercury, Phobos, Charon, Venus, Europa, Mars

This is the continuation from where the Ascension Address left off:

Writer: So you get this bunch of Drag Racers that have to compete in this Event that has a huge scale! Like man, everybody from the Solar System is there! And they have to make the best recipe, getting ingredients from all planets and moons! In the end this one guy makes a Cake and brings it to the finish line in Mars, but…

Producer: But? But?!

Writer: There is a surprise ending! And its really awesome, I mean no one’s gonna see it coming!

Director: And what is it? Tell us!

Writer: There is no Cake! Hey… guys? Where are you going? Come back! There is a sequel!

Thanks for playing!


The following players were active at the end of the dynasty:

ais523, Amnistar*, arthexis*, Clucky*, Darknight*, Darth Cliche*, Devenger*, dogfish, Gnauga, Hix*, Igthorn, Kevan*, Oze*, Qwazukee, Rodlen*, Sparrow, Wakukee, Wooble, Wooden Squid, & zuff

Final Ruleset

Ruleset 62

Posts of Interest


Amnistar, having been one of the few to withhold the information given to him personally by arthexis, eventually gathered enough clues to correctly guess the Theme. Credit should also go to Clucky and Wakukee (as well as Qwazukee) for helping him figure it out.

And me, even though I only joined right at the end; I was following along in IRC through most of the dynasty, and wrote the script that actually eventually deduced the correct word. CallForJudgement 17:56, 9 Dec 2009 (GMT)


The theme clearly has something to do with food. Darth Cliche 20:32, 15 Jan 2009 (GMT)

The theme clearly has something to do with space travel. Wooden Squid 00:31 17 Jan 2009 (GMT)

RODLAN WUZ HEAR. User:Rodlen/sig 04:00, 18 Jan 2009 (GMT)

Admin Rodlen has discovered an exploit in the illegal edit rule to expedite the process of self-killing proposals during the dynasty. --Gnauga 23:21, 18 Jan 2009 (GMT)

The "exploit" status was disputed - he was editing little messages onto self-killed proposals, and claiming that this made them "illegal proposals", as proposals cannot be edited. Objectively, the original proposals still existed (the same way they would if he was editing pending, active proposals he didn't like), we were just seeing vandalised versions of them on the blog. --Kevan 16:21, 26 Jan 2009 (GMT)

Qwazukee and Wakukee discovered a scam based on omission. They made a DoV. Darth 23:24, 19 Jan 2009 (GMT)

Said DoV got a record number (124) of comments. User:Rodlen/sig 07:57, 20 Jan 2009 (GMT)

Wakukee discovered a scam based on hidden proposals. He decided that it would be really stupid to try any more scams, so it was not used. -- Wakukee

Proposals were illegally edited. Accusations flew. User:Rodlen/sig 03:15, 28 Jan 2009 (GMT)

The post actually was continually changing to be crazier and crazier, but so many people were editing it at once that half the edits were erased! -- Wakukee 03:40, 28 Jan 2009(GMT)

I registered with the nick CallForJudgement, and people didn't like that. zuff posted guesses several pages long, and people didn't like that either. CallForJudgement 17:36, 9 Feb 2009 (GMT)

Eventually, people got tired of Arth's lying rottenness and his mistakes. User:Rodlen/sig 22:06, 10 Feb 2009 (GMT)

lol, I only did it to make you upset --Arthexis 04:37, 11 Feb 2009 (GMT)
Upset enough to attempt to force feed you some Grilled Tuna Fish in a Can. With the can. --Gnauga 20:36, 16 Feb 2009 (GMT)

I liked this dynasty. --Qwazukee 04:21, 11 Feb 2009 (GMT)

You know, we should probably mention what the Theme actually was on this page. "Gourmet Drag Racing on Mars." CallForJudgement 13:49, 27 Jul 2010 (GMT)


[This DoV] by Qwazukee once held the record for most comments on a single post, at 124. Note that comments beyond 99 do not show up on the blog, and can only be seen by admins or via e-mail.

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