The Fourth Dynasty of Clucky

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January 9th, 2011 - February 18th, 2011

Ascension Address

Sid, eat your heart out (or get your little friends to do it for you)

Hello puny ants. Far too long you have fought with eachother for supremacy. Its timed you learned a lesson. Those fighting ways will only get you so far. Winter fasts approaches and I can promise it’ll be a tough one. If your colony has any hope of survival your gonna have to work togeather. Even if you do, I highly doubt you’ll find success because I am greater and more powerful than you all. Fear me.

Change “Mini Figure(s)” to “Ant(s)”, “Brick Master” to “Sandbox Master” and repel all rules but “Citizen Brick”.


The following players were active at the end of this Dynasty:

Blacky Bucky* Chivalrybean* Darknight* Darth Cliche* Ely Geoff Kevan* Madalyn Purplebeard* Rodlen* Roujo Subrincinator udqbpn William Winner

Final Ruleset

Ruleset 87

Posts of Interest


  • Long live the Queen - Introduced the Queen, an NPC who represented the colony's food supply and started laying eggs later on.
  • Fifty Times Your Own Weight - Carrying.
  • Ant Colony Optimization - Finding stuff to carry.
  • Traditional Gender Roles - Defined the castes.
  • Preparing for war - Defined health and death.
  • Abundants - Introduced a weekly consumption of food as well as the possibility of colony-wide starvation, which we came close to at the end of the dynasty.
  • Antagonism - Ants who were carrying twigs could hit other Ants for 5 damage.
  • Comradry II - Introduced Comradry Points (CP), a measure of how helpful an ant has been for the colony.
  • It is not always summer! - Trying to add a weather parameter based on real time weather, no way to keep a log of it was found.
  • Six Legs Good, Eight Legs Bad - Introduced the Spider, another frequent cause of anticide.
  • Ant Nauseam - Implements Antributes, and kicked the frequency of ant puns into overdrive for the rest of the dynasty.
  • Ascendantsy - Defined a Victory Condition: obediant ants had to survive and increase their CP, delinquants benefited from low CP and a lot of obediant corpses and all ants could also win by becoming a queen and mating.
  • Break antpart 1: Fly ‘n Mate - Defined flying and mating. However, by the time this passed, all ants with flying capabilities had died under mysterious circumstances, and there wasn't enough food around to promote new ants.


An end to all of the puns After a few delinquant ants had weeded out most of their competition through twig attacks, giving other ants twigs to make them delinquant and provoking the spider to eat them, Rodlen was going to win as the only obediant ant left until Purplebeard, the delinquant with the lowest CP value, gave them a twig minutes before the deadline, thereby winning the dynasty.



I still need to see a good game that requires only one winner AND is based on cooperation... --Elia 16:16, 18 Feb 2011 (GMT)

The puns got worse and worse as the dynasty progressed. I hold myself partly responsible for this. -Purplebeard 10:29, 21 Feb 2011 (GMT)

Dynastic Histories

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