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The Second Dynasty of Purplebeard

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April 3, 2010 - April 24, 2010

Ascension Address

Finally, we have found a suitable site! This mountain is rich in ore, and the nearby stream will supply us with fish and fresh water. If we can survive out here on our own and claim the mountain’s riches, we can construct a thriving settlement and become very rich men indeed. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Delete all dynastic rules except Royal Blood. Anarchist becomes Colonist and Establishment becomes Expedition Leader.

Would someone with the necessary artistic skills like to have a crack at a new header and colour scheme? Something brown and gritty would be nice.


The following players were active at the beginning of this Dynasty:

ais523, Anonyman, Clucky*, Darknight*, Darth Cliche*, Hyronius, Ienpw III*, Josh*, Keba, Purplebeard*, Put, Qwazukee*, Rodlen*, SeerPenguin

The following players were active at the end of this dynasty:

ais523, Darknight*, Darth Cliche*, Ienpw III*, Igthorn, Josh*, Kevan*, Ornithopter*, Purplebeard*, Put, Qwazukee*, Roujo, SeerPenguin, Tiberias

Final Ruleset

Ruleset 75

Posts of Interest


ais523 performed a controversial scam, in which he argued that an existing story post (the text of which had explicitly permitted voting, and which was older than 48 hours) could be converted into a proposal and immediately passed with the vote of only one co-conspirator:

Multiple technicalities here: a story post with “dance” in its title is a Dance, even if disguised as something else; Dances are official posts; the only restriction on altering official posts are that they have no comments (“If no Colonist has commented on it, an official post may be altered or removed by its author; otherwise this can only be done as allowed by the Ruleset.”); Dances are created open, and that one requested (and provided a mechanism for) voting, so it was open for voting (“After a dance has been called, the dance is considered to be open”); and a proposal that was open for voting for 48 hours times out, even if it wasn’t a proposal for all that time (just as long as it was open for voting for all that time). Thanks Ienpw for providing the second FOR vote that it required, and for adminning it.

The legality and manner of this victory remain controversial and it attracted several CfJs.


It should be pointed out that although I fully believed in the proposal to change veto speed on its own merit, the reason I posted it then rather than some other time was to create a distraction that hopefully dissuaded people from posting on the innocuous-looking story post below. CallForJudgement 14:31, 26 Apr 2010 (GMT)

Oh, and the win was invalid, but I only noticed several months later, when a scam of lilomar's fell to the same mistake (I said just "ais523" in a rule, which obviously doesn't refer to me as there's a rule against words in rules referring to player names unless they're explicitly qualified as such). Nobody noticed at the time. Of course, it doesn't make a difference to the history of BlogNomic as a whole, because the DoV passed. CallForJudgement
Dynastic Histories

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