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The First Dynasty of Thelonious

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August 26, 2006 - September 25, 2006

Ascension Address

With Thelonious’ final tweak, the timeline began to unravel. Building momentum, the effects rippled further and further out from their origin in 1475 until they reached 2059 when, with a mighty bang the time bomb exploded. All was still. All was dark. Then, for each traveller, the sound of rushing water, a yank of the hair and the realisation that they were whizzing through time - entirely out of their control.

As the light returned, the dazed travellers looked around. They were together again. No time machines to tell them when they were but a simple watch, lying on a music stand, told them it was the 26th of August, 2006. Looking up they admired the fine concert hall with its red curtains, ornate gold surrounds and row upon row of empty seats. Then, striding towards them from the stage door, the conductor - with music stuffed under his left arm and his baton in the right.

“Sit down” he demanded. “We’ve a lot to get through this evening if this will ever be ready to perform. Let us start with the overture...”

All dynastics rules are repealed (with consequent alteration of rule 1.5). Travellers become Musicians. Admins become Section Leaders. The Arbiter becomes the Conductor.

I’ve deliberately chosen a fairly bland theme so as to encourage this dynasty to be a more procedural dynasty as opposed to the substantive nature of the last 2 dynasties. (See wikipedia’s nomic entry if this means nothing to you.)


Players included Chronos Phenon, Rodney, Epylar, Cavaliere Pugrins, Thelonious, Bucky, Hix, Thrawn, Kevan, Seventy-Fifth Trombone, Gazebo Dude, Poe, Qwazie and Cosmologicon.

Final Ruleset

Proposals of Interest

  • Choose Your Weapons (26 Aug 2006) created Instruments. This allowed players to pick any instrument to play in the orchestra.
  • A little harmony (1 Sep) created Styles. Players could choose to play in a consonant or dissonant style.
  • A Little More Harmony (2 Sep) created Tempos. This allowed players to play their music at a particular speed.
  • Time Signature (4 Sep) created the Time Signature, which allowed the Conductor to change the speed at which proposals could be submitted.
  • Orchestral Positions (6 Sep) created Orchestral Positions. These were roles which could only be taken by players who were playing the correct instrument.
  • The Score Edition III (13 Sep) created a victory condition: a player had to have "mastered the score" by meeting a number of requirements (such as having consonant harmony, and the same tempo as the conductor).
  • Musicomagic Set Up (21 Sep) created Elemental Techniques.
  • A Procedural Conclusion (22 Sep) was a random victory condition, proposed to wrap the game up after Thelonious had gone idle. A player was randomly selected from all those who commented "Pick me!" in a comment, to be the winner. Hix was chosen.


Thelonious mysteriously went idle (eventually admitting that he went on vacation without informing Blognomic), and Hix was selected as winner via a random die role. Hix "passed the mantle" to Elias IX.


Written by Qwazukee, minor edits by Kevan.

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