The First Dynasty of Viv

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March 2017 - April 13 2017

Ascension Address

The surviving villagers of Zahndorf bury their dead. One of them returns the book of rituals to the library. On the librarian’s desk, they notice a large round rock patterned with pitted swirls. By it, a slim book is opened to a page with a drawing of the same rock, labelled “The Statolith, pictured directly after recovery”. The pages are loose with age. It seems to be a scientific treatise about a deep sea creature, highly speculative as to its shape and life cycle. Carefully, the villager leafs through the book, puzzled by the drawings.

A long time ago, on the sea floor, the Creature is alive. It is not sentient, but awake.


The following players were active at the start of this dynasty:

card, Cuddlebeam, derrick, Kevan, Matt, orkboi, pokes, Quincunx, Viv

And at the end of the dynasty:

arthexis, card, Cuddlebeam, derrick, Matt, Maldor, Oracular rufio, orkboi, pokes, Quincunx, Ryntai, Sphinx, Viv

This dynasty saw three players become admins: card, derrick, and pokes.

Posts of Interest

  • Anatomy Created organ states
  • Creature of Habitat Created a 7x7 grid for the creature to live in.
  • Movement Allowed Creature to Move via limbs
  • The Will of the Creature Added the organ state gland and moods
  • Locations Gave squares on the habitat map names
  • nutrients Created and named Nutrients (oh the terrible names we chose)
  • Dark and Mysterious Landscape Defined Terrain Features
  • Primordial Smoothie Put into place a nutrient economy
  • The Needs Of The Whole Limited the number of nutrients an organ has at any given time to 4, and stores nutrients in the statolith
  • I Can See Clearly Now Allows Scouting by Occellus, which renames cells.
  • obsoleting_notes Changed the note mechanism in core rules to not require the text "note".
  • Mood Swings Actions fullfill moods, decreasing them and giving rewards from the statolith. Exceptions made for hunger.
  • Sustenance Adds a feeding action to the beak, and an nutrient absorption mechanism as a daily communal action. Both are location feature dependent.
  • Diversification A pancreas state allows the converting of nutrients into each other.
  • Lest We Run Faster Than We Have Strength Limited the number of times per day an organ could become amorphous, targeted at limiting nutrient intake.
  • Neighbors Defines neighbors and spawns one such neighbor at skeletons: the Big Grumper.
  • Circulatory System Gives daily allowance of nutrients rather than having a special state to draw nutrients from the statolith
  • A Massive Appetite Added guts, which increase ambient nutrient gathering, and formalized the process.
  • Does the Ocean have a Name? Allows scouted locations to be given unique names.
  • Life Expanded List of neighbors, tweaks spawning mechanism. spawning mechanism had odd behavior at this point.
  • Its Crowded in Here Groundwork rulechanges for multiple creatures to exist.
  • Drifting Blonium Grants Free Nutrients to Organs that are eyes or amorphous.
  • By Any other Name tweaked legal names and reset many existing names (a large number were named after a single player)
  • Algorithmic Naming Call for judgement on an if statement in a naming proposal.
  • Keywords, This time There's Three of Them! standardized adjacent cells, made eels and big grumpers mobile, and added stingers, which can move mobile neighbors
  • Parental Instinct Created Egg sacks, which can lay egg clusters. and established egg cluster stats, including state, location, and fathers.
  • I can't get no Satisfaction Created satisfaction levels, made hunger fulfillable, and decreased satisfaction if taking an action that fullfilled a low mood.
  • Weeding the Garden Changed the distribution of seaweed in habitat
  • Even Educated Fleas Do It Created Choanocytes, that advance egg cluster states and add themselves as fathers at the same time.
  • Nymph State (again) Created nymph, an organ state that allows organs to move independently of the creature
  • You Say its Your Birthday Allows Mature Egg Clusters to transform into Medusas.
  • Clean your Plate Removes the barely-used beak state, leaving collecting ambient nutrients as the only way to feed.
  • Cloan Potential funny business was going on with two copies of a proposal (Nymph State (which failed) and Nymph State (again)). This may have averted it, but ended up doing nothing, as no funny business happened.
  • Bookkeeping Tidies up some rules about eating and fulfilling hunger.
  • Same same Makes "micronium" and "miconium" synonyms. There was some confusion between the two beforehand that couldn't be fixed just by editing obvious typos in the Ruleset.
  • Roster Defines valid names for creatures.
  • The Statolith speaks, gently (Not a proposal) There had been several huge (failed) proposals and infighting the few days before this post, which was Viv convincing us to knock it off.
  • We can’t all be neurotypical, Karen Depressed creatures consume double nutrients; makes it easier to get depressed.
  • In Case of Emergency, Exits are… Defines what happens when too few creatures (less than 3) are aggregated to make a creature.
  • More Admins? card becomes an admin.
  • Aggregation Request Defines the mechanism by which multiple nymphs become a creature.
  • Cuddlebeam Wins Attempted immediate victory scam relying on default values. Explanation here.
  • Aggregation Request Patch Ties up loose ends with aggregation requests.
  • Not Telepathic Makes it so that one depressed creature doesn't make everyone use 2x nutrients.
  • More To Life Than Just ... Splits fertilizing an egg into fertilizing and nourishing.
  • No guts, no glory Requires guts to gather any nutrients and enables each Creature to gather separately.
  • Just in case Cuddlebeam unidles and gets an accomplice Limits taking nutrients for fulfilling actions to twice a day, limiting potential unlimited-length combos.
  • Separate Creatures Separates nutrients into separate creatures instead of all being stored by the Statolith. Adds voting deferred to the Organ that formed the creature, although (I think) this was never used.
  • Always There Adds neighbors back to cells that had none, prevents double-scouting from spawning more neighbors.
  • Team Hanna (Not a proposal) Hanna forms from derrick, Oracular rufio, card, pokes.
  • Happy At Birth Newly created creatures have their satisfaction level set to Satisfied.
  • Territorial Creatures block each other, can't share a location.
  • Nil New and unidl[ing players become nymphs in the Sea of Eden.
  • Our Children are Our Future Defines the first victory condition: First to 12 posterity points; 5 for being the mother of a Medusa, 1 for each time one fertilized a Medusa.
  • No free lunch Requires that a Creature be Fulfilled to lay or fertilize eggs.
  • Even less free lunch Removes the option of giving nutrients to the Statolith to reduce hunger.
  • Some places are trickier than others. Increases movement cost on some terrain.
  • Leftovers Automatically transfers excess nutrients from the weekly feeding to the Statolith.
  • I DON’T feel like doing this Glands can decrease, not just increase, moods.
  • Two-organ town Reduces minimum size for a Creature from 3 to 2.
  • A squarer meal Replaces the weekly feeding of two random nutrients per organ with a direct transfer to the creature's supply.
  • Bookkeeping Improves tracking of eggs that have become medusas.
  • Medusas are friendly Medusas don't destroy eggs that they share a cell with.
  • Open Borders Nymphs can join a creature at will, without needing approval.
  • Parasites If a creature has one parasite, it is the Neuron (who voters can defer their votes to, and much more significantly, was proposed to win if anybody in that creature won).
  • Adminipokelfication pokes becomes an admin.
  • Repointery In the win condition, one only needs 7 points (from 12) and being a mother is only worth 3 (from 5).
  • Amorphous Guts Removes the amorphous state, replaces references with gut.
  • Fast Nymphs Allows Nymphs to travel further while burning resources.
  • Now for something completely different If no proposals are enacted in 5 days, the Organ with the most points wins. The possibility of using DoVs primarily to run out that clock was raised, academically.
  • Let the odds be ever in your favor or something Allows adoption of medusas with absent parents by writing a story that so warms the heart of Organs reading it that they support the adoption. One medusa had an absent parent; pokes and Oracular rufio both tried to adopt it, which would result in victory, but neither met the requirements for adoption: pokes warmed 0 hearts; Oracular rufio, 1.
  • Lets not be too precise Clarifies: 7 or more points for victory, not just exactly 7.
  • Game Over Gives victory to the Organ with the most points.


The final proposal, Game Over, gave victory to the Organ with the most Posterity Points, which was pokes [1].

Final Ruleset

Ruleset 146


I wasn't around for the latter part, but I felt like early in the dynasty we (tried) to make a small society of a sort with each person doing their role and actively trying to coordinate. A bit of this happened, although there were "giver" roles (such as being Glands) and "taker" roles (such as being Limbs), and there was quite a bit of giving, quite a bit of taking, but no real active and continuous reciprocity between the two at this stage. So being a "giver" role didn't have much of an advantage aside from social gain. Eventually I figured out how to "combo" and morph between Forms several times per day and do a fuckloads of actions per day by abusing the mood-rewards that granted me Nutrient fuel to keep on going. This allowed me to ignore the society/coordination part (which, while coordinating granted an obscene amount of power - even the ability to do infinite actions - nobody actually managed to pull the combination of logistics and scamming to actually (ab)use it. Coordination logistics were just way too troublesome for more complex schemes. It was alright for simpler stuff though, I did a little bit of trade.) and start to try to lay eggs. Which had no function at the time! I was worried that it would just be fools gold. But I rightfully guessed that it was just too thematically appropriate to ignore that eggs should serve some grand purpose - winning - so they were relevant in the end. I was just not around to play it. --Cuddlebeam (talk) 22:36, 5 May 2017 (UTC)


Artistic representation of the "Creature" during earlier parts of the Dynasty, made by Cuddlebeam. TheCreature.png

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