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The Second Dynasty of Larrytheturtle

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March 4, 2016 — April 26, 2016

Ascension Address: Dying Wish

It was 30 long years ago today that I became your Overlord. We’ve had good times and bad since then but I fear things may be drawing to the close. My parting from this world grows near but cruel fate has left me without an heir. So, I must turn to one of you to take my place but which one? I had pondered long and thought hard before the answer came to me. The person who fulfills my life long dream for me shall be named my heir and I will be able to die happy. My dream is now and has always been to kill that pesky dragon.

Repeal all dynastic rules. Overlord and Orc remain the same.


The following players were active at the end of the Dynasty: Brendan*, Clucky*, GenericPerson, IceFromHell, Kevan*, Larrytheturtle*, quirck*

Final Ruleset

Ruleset 138

Posts of Interest

  • Stats and More - The first successfully passed proposal, setting up the mechanism for fighting NPC creatures. It would be amended several times, but already contained the exploit that would end the dynasty.
  • The Adventurer's Life is a Dangerous One - Completed the basic mechanics of the rest of the Dynasty: Action Points, Items, and the Golden Crown of victory. Unusually, this victory condition was both very early in the dynasty and actually used.
  • Slow and Steady - Crucial to both the final victory and to evaluating the high number of luck-based rules, Dead Shots allowed players to avoid rolling DICEX by simply accepting X/2 as the result.
  • Orctefacts - Introduced crafting and resources, which would in turn lead to...
  • Salvage - ... salvaging items to regain some of their cost.
  • Morcketplace - Allowed Orcs to donate items or resources to each other.
  • Not So Pesky Now - After weeks of play, with the Dragon still untouched and attacking still risky, its offense and defense were significantly reduced while leaving its health intact.
  • Orcantile - Introduced a new mechanic for getting rid of items, to disguise that it made trading much easier, and made it possible to regain ALL parts of a crafting cost from a salvaged item.


Kevan and Brendan worked together to exploit two holes in the rules. One was that a Thrall could be crafted for 2 AP and then traded to another player, who could salvage it for 1 AP, allowing the highly limited and lockstepped AP to flow from one player to another. The second was that while attacking specified a sequence of actions in order, it did not specify that the sequence had to be atomic. Kevan donated several AP to Brendan, who used them to attack the dragon (using Dead Shots to guarantee success), then started seven more attacks before finishing the first one. The Dragon took its damage before Brendan; both ended up dead, but Kevan immediately plundered the Golden Crown and, on a coin toss, traded it back to Brendan for the victory.

Dynastic Histories

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