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The Fifth Dynasty of ais523

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April 10th - April 22th, 2011

Ascension Address

Welcome, Mister Wolfson! I am the Tourism Facilitation Supervisor, and it looks like it’s my job to show you around the Bureaucratic Meadow. I hope you like your stay.

Feel free to take a look around. Our biggest attraction is our amazing political system. You wouldn’t imagine that sheep could be as organised as we are! That’s the Default Sanitiser, whose job it is to make sure everything gets set up correctly to start with. That’s the Statistisheep, who keeps track of everyone’s opinions. And, oh, I’d better go; Mr. Alarm Clock is telling me that I have someone else to meet.

Just before I go, a quick reminder: please don’t eat anyone. The Sheep Counter bullied me into telling you that, as we wouldn’t want him to lose his job due to the sheep count going down.

(Repeal all dynastic rules. Change Player to Sheep and Chairman to Chairsheep.)


The following players were active at the end of this dynasty.

ais523 Axmann Bucky* Chivalrybean* Darknight* Darth Cliche* Ely Florw Josh* Kevan* lilomar* Purplebeard* Quazie Rodlen* Roujo Saakara spikebrennan Subrincinator Travis udqbpn WildCard William Winner

Final Ruleset

Ruleset 90

Posts of Interest


  • Eating grass is serious business - Defined Official Positions Sheep could hold, that had duties and powers attached.
  • The black sheep of the family - Sheep could be White, Black or, strangely, of Undetermined colour.
  • Fleece - Something to help brave the winter cold.
  • Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb - Some Sheep were conspiring against the flock. Nothing ever came of this dynamic, though, because the dynasty ended before any related mechanics were proposed.
  • Own your very own meadow - Defined Land that Sheeps could own. Sheep could transfer Land to or from one another by spending that many Baabucks.
  • Lord of the Field - The victory condition that lead to the end of this dynasty. Any Sheep who owned more than half of the available Land would achieve victory.


Mortgage Loan - Purplebeard abused contradicting definitions in the glossary to spend more Baabucks than they had. Opinion was divided on whether this action was legal, illegal or game-breakingly paradoxical, but in the end the DoV passed at 12-5, ending the dynasty.


During this dynasty, the player list in the sidebar was changed from "There are X Sheep" to "Sheep Count is X". This change lasted for two dynasties before returning to the old format. -Bucky


Dynastic Histories

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