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The First Dynasty of yuri dragon 17

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June 25, 2009 - July 29, 2009

Ascension Address

Let’s Kick Back and Relax Edit

Well… that TV show turned out… interesting. Aside from most of us almost drowning, I think we had a good bit of fun. There was one little problem though… after almost dying, I managed to get myself disqualified, ending the show rather anti-climatically. That meant no prize fund. That was really too much, so me and some of the others filed a class-action lawsuit for reckless endangerment, and breach of contract. After only a couple hours, the producers settled for $350 000. So I turned to Waukee and said, “Why not go on vacation!” Thirty-six hours later, here we are, in a nice Caribbean Village by the ocean. Ahhh, isn’t it nice? Most of the Contestants from the show are here, as is the Host. We’ll just see how people react to him, after he abandoned us in that godforsaken bunker. We are just going to drop by the hotel, and then I assume we will spread out across the town. ________________________________________ Repeal all Dynastic Rules except 2.6. Replace “Contestant” with “Tourist” and “Host” with “Tour Guide”. ________________________________________ Elizabeth: So that’s it, then? That’s the secret, grand adventure of the infamous Jack Sparrow. You spent three days lying on a beach drinking rum. Jack Sparrow: Welcome to the Caribbean, love.


The following players were active at the beginning of the Dynasty:

ais523, arthexis*, Clucky*, comex, Darknight*, Darth Cliche*, Neil, Psychotipath, Qwazukee*, Rodlen*, Shem, Wakukee*, Wooble, yuri_dragon_17

The following players were active at the end of the Dynasty:

ais523, Amnistar*, arthexis*, Darknight*, Darth Cliche*, Euler, MacMed, Qwazukee*, Shem, Wakukee*

Final Ruleset

Ruleset 66

Posts of Interest


This Dynasty got rather dull towards the end. A Proposal by arthexis, which disallowed "boring" actions, caused chaos while the Tourists argued over what exactly "boring" meant. It was later discovered that said Proposal had failed rather than passed, and the new Rule was taken off the books. A slew of Proposals, CfJs, and 1 DoV to end the Dynasty ensued. When the Tour Guide went Idle due to a lack of internet connection, it did little to slow down this process. Eventually, Qwazukee, who had the best statistics of all Tourists, earned enough votes in a Proposal by arthexis to win.


I predict that this Dynasty will end quickly. --Qwazukee 07:48, 5 Jul 2009 (GMT)

Clucky went Idle, blasting me in the process. --Qwazukee 20:17, 6 Jul 2009 (GMT)


Note that yuri_dragon_17 would, in a later Dynasty, change his name to Ienpw III.


Written by Qwazukee.

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