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The Sixth Dynasty of ais523

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January 9th - January 31st, 2012

Too long have you all worked as a disorganised rabble, stealing for your own benefit and competing over scraps of unimportant drug deals. I am sending this note to each one of you, to let you know: I know about you, and I am upset with your performance.
From now on, you work for me. And you work with each other. Not too often, mind; no point in getting caught.
Further instructions will be provided when you have proved yourself trustworthy. For the time being, gather money and armaments to help with a future great operation, and vie for the respect of your peers; not all of you are cut out to be future leaders.
I will not ask you twice. Do not fail me.
—The Don

Replace Driver with Criminal. Replace Dispatcher with Don. Keep the rule “Central Office”, repealing all other dynastic rules.


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Final Ruleset

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After a couple of proposals by southpointingchariot that made it possible to spend resources to boost the resources of other players and to free them from Jail (thus allowing them to perform most of the dynasty's actions again), Clucky, omd, Cpt_Koen and southpointingchariot pooled their resources, gaining enough to be able to drive the Police Vigilance Number to 200 (thus causing the dynasty to immediately end, giving a win to the leading player), while still having enough resources left over to beat the next-highest-scoring player. southpointingchariot was intended to win by the conspiracy; however, due to performing actions in the wrong order, Cpt_Koen's transfer to southpointingchariot was illegal, and thus Cpt_Koen accidentally ended up with the highest Leadership and the victory.



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