The Sixth Dynasty of Purplebeard

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June 14 - July 15, 2014

Ascension Address

Let the games begin.

All Dynastic Rules are repealed. Knight becomes Assassin. Baron becomes Referee.



Final Ruleset

Ruleset 120

Proposals of Interest

  • Framework - established that "Each Assassin may have a Target, which can only be a single other Assassin." and a points system.
  • Won’t You Take Me To - created the Town, an 8x8 grid.
  • For Whom the Bell Tolls - allowed Assassins to send movement orders privately to the Referee, those moves being processed simultaneously with the tolling of a bell.
  • A Wild Stab in the Dark - added an attack action to the movement orders.
  • She walks in beauty, like the night - allowed Assassins to secretly switch in and out of "stealth" mode.
  • Assassins About Town - displayed Assassins on the map as anonymous "@" symbols.
  • Inspect Your Gadget - added items which Assassins could collect from certain buildings in the city and which would affect their game actions.
  • All I’m offering is the truth (failed) - an attempt to reskin the game with a cyberpunk theme
  • Punctual Wound - kept the game moving by defining Assassins as either Alert or Careless; if a player failed to submit orders one round, they became Careless and we wouldn't wait for them before processing the next one, but as soon as they submitted an order they became Alert again
  • This little light of mine - added an item which helped detect stealthed Assassins.
  • Most Irregular - added street urchins who could search the city and trail people (reimplementing part of the failed cyberpunk proposal).
  • Wanted: Dead or Dying - shook up the scoring a little, replacing the penalty for innocent kills with a "Wanted" status.
  • Easy Meat - gave a bonus point for killing a more active target, and allowed Assassins to reject targets they didn't want.
  • Painless Death - the Referee introduced a target score to close the game: "You’ll note that Kevan has 9 Points, having found and killed two of his Targets. With so few active Assassins moving around on a massive board, it’ll take forever for someone to overtake him, so we may as well call this now and get a fresh new dynasty going."


  • Final Score by Kevan: "I have nine points, and no other Assassin has more points than me. Per the newly amended Rule 2.3, I have achieved victory."


This dynasty was perhaps our best attempt at a "turn based" game in an environment where some players were less involved than others, the mechanics ending up as "submit orders secretly to the Referee, and when he has orders from all 'active' players or 48 hours have elapsed, those orders are processed; then, players who had orders processed become active and all others inactive". Was also fun for the mix of secret information and open proposals:

RaichuKFM: Kevan, how’d you find me, anyways? Just curious.
Kevan: My proposal to weaken Stealth was partly to sound out who might be Stealthed, and you voted against it. Operating on the assumption that your commitment to being Stealthed was because you’d bought a Cloak, I followed a blip on the map that seemed to fit with that and went in for the kill.

A pity that the dynasty got hit by a server problem and activity waned as a result. --Kevan (talk) 02:06, 22 November 2014 (PST)

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