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The Third Dynasty of Bucky

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November 4, 2009 - December 9, 2009

Ascension Address

“I am sooo going to Hell for this”

“I thought you were headed there already”

“Are you trying to make me look like an idiot?”

“Of course not! It’s a reflex by now”


“You are here to learn how to sculpt magic. To those of you who think they can make magic by waving their hands and shouting nonsense, pick up your marbles and go home. True magic is shaped with hammer and chisel over a period of days.”

“These six runes here are the foundation of all magic. Learn their every detail. Make each stroke carefully and incisively – using an imperfect rune in a spell chain is a grave mistake you won’t make twice. And pay attention to what you’re doing. If I nick someone for knapping on the job, I will get tuff on my unfortunate quarry…”

Repeal all Dynastic Rules except for “King Anthony’s Crown”. Change “Player” to “Apprentice” and “Leader” to “Artisan” throughout the ruleset.


The following players were active at the beginning of this Dynasty:

ais523, arthexis*, Bucky*, Darknight*, Darth Cliche*, Hix*, Josh*, Kevan*, Oze*, Qwazukee*, Rodlen*, spikebrennan, Wakukee*, yuri_dragon_17*

Final Ruleset

Ruleset 70

Posts of Interest


The dynasty ended with a scam, which worked along similar lines to the first dynasty of Cayvie. The key was the Doppelganger spell ("POTATO"), which allowed a player to copy anyone's workbench to their partner's workbench; the only other spell available that was capable of increasing the number of undamaged runes was Expand Workbench ("STOAR", also castable as "STOU" but it generally wasn't because U was hard to get), and its effect was designed specifically to be hard to use to form a loop. Although ais523 originally came up with the idea for the scam (before he even unidled), and had proposed the proposal that added the Throw It All In ("POT") spell in order to vastly simplify the way the scam worked, Wakukee made some key improvements to it that changed it from a three-day scam to one that only took about 20 minutes.

ais523 started with OPOTATO on his workbench, using it to place OPOTATX on Darknight's workbench (Darknight was uninvolved in the scam, but the scamsters used his workbench); then a quick bit of idling and unidling caused Wakukee and ais523 to become partners. This allowed ais523 to manipulate his workbench to XPOTATO and copy the OPOTATX from Darknight's workbench to Wakukee's; then cast Throw It All In and Ranged Manipulate ("PORT") to change Darknight's workbench to XPOTATO, while Wakukee manipulated his also to XPOTATO. This started the loop that allowed an unlimited number of four-rune spells to be cast:

  • Wakukee casts POTATO to copy Darknight's workbench to ais523's (leaving XPOTATX on Wakukee's, XPOTATO on ais523's);
  • Wakukee casts POT to change his workbench to the four-rune spell in question (always PORT in the actual scam, although other spells could have been cast instead if we'd needed to)
  • Wakukee casts the spell

This left the three relevant workbenches (Darknight's, ais523's, and Wakukee's) back where they started, except that Wakukee's and ais523's had swapped; so Wakukee and ais523 needed to alternate actions in order to complete the scam.

Finally, amongst this loop, a third important scamster was involved: NoOneImportant! Due to the unlimited castings of Ranged Manipulate that were available, the scamsters could effectively manipulate NoOneImportant's workbench as much as they liked; with that amount of support available, it was not hard for them to collectively do the huge number of manipulations of his workbench, and other actions (such as forming Unstable Runes) necessary to form the Kingmaker spell ("PROUST"). Once NoOneImportant had eventually assembled the victory spell in question, Wakukee copied it to ais523's workbench using Doppelganger, and ais523 cast it, thus giving Wakukee victory.


I still can't believe how ya did that Wak lol--Darknight 06:14, 10 Dec 2009 (GMT)

I was involved in the scam too. I CoV'd on a proposal so it could be enacted early. Other than that, I had no idea what was going on. User:Darth Cliche/sig 15:28, 10 Dec 2009 (GMT)


During this Dynasty, yuri_dragon_17 changed his name to Ienpw III.


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