The Second Dynasty of Ienpw III

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May 8, 2010 - June 2, 2010

Ascension Address

A Big White Piece of Paper

I thought for hours, trying to come up with an ascension address. Then I realized that this image sums it all up.

Replace Voter with Blognomicer throughout the ruleset. Replace Returning Officer with Victoriouis Blognomicer throughout the ruleset. Repeal all dynastic rules. And a note: The two pending proposals do not time out for an extra 25 hours and 40 minutes.


The following players were active at the beginning of this Dynasty:

ais523, Anonyman, Coppro, Darknight*, Darth Cliche*, dbdougla, Digibomber, flurie, Galdyn, Ienpw III*, Igthorn, Josh*, Jumblin McGrumblin, Keba, keecz, Kevan*, lordcooper, muiro, Ornithopter*, Purplebeard*, Put, Qwazukee*, Rodney*, spikebrennan, Tiberias, Wakukee*

Final Ruleset

Ruleset 77

Proposals of Interest

  • The ascension address (Ienpw III). [1]
  • Let's get it started, ha! (spikebrennan). Introduced the concept of "Hooks", which was to be the principal theme of the dynasty. A "hook" was basically an undefined term introduced into the ruleset (and generally identified as such with {curly brackets}, with the definition to be supplied later. [2]
  • Let the battle of wits commence (dbdougla). Basically a string of Princess Bride references). [3]
  • Clothing requirement (Jumblin McGrumblin's first proposal, ever). No shirt, no shoes, no service. [4]
  • Matches (Ienpw III). Permitted the Victorious Blognomicker to propose Matches. [5]
  • I am the law (spikebrennan). An attempt to copy parts of the Royal Navy's Articles of War, as well as the Ten Commandments (straight from Exodus 20, KJV), into the ruleset. Self-killed with 15 against votes, but I still feel like talking about it here. [6]
  • Elementary, my dear emperor (spikebrennan). Introduced the concept of "arguments", a special kind of proposal that was not to be counted against normal proposal limits. The idea was that an "argument" would establish a binding meaning for ruleset text through deductive or inductive reasoning. [7]
  • The frist amendment (flurie). Copied the 1st Amendment to the United States Constitution into the ruleset. [8]
  • It's only a model (spikebrennan). One of many proposals that introduced a set of hooks, in this case including {King of England}, {Bette Nasmith Graham}, {Shakespeare} and {typewriter}. It's a long story. [9]
  • My karma is running over your dogma (spikebrennan). And so the process of trying to reduce the number of undefined hooks (by defining them) begins. [10]
  • The stack (lilomar). Managing inventory items. [11]
  • Argument: “Congress is the Opposite of Progress” (galdyn) The only Argument to actually get processed. [12]
  • Not ripped off from a previous dynasty (bucky). A victory condition! (Not that it mattered, in the long run.) [13]
  • A Smith Corona beats four aces (spikebrennan). Handed out a bunch of titles and inventory items, based on the order in which players happened to comment on the proposal. [14]
  • This dynasty is going nowhere (darth cliche). Hijacks the dynasty and assigned victory based on counting EVC nominations in comments to this proposal. Timed out 6-5 with Darth Cliche leading the vote count and thereby achieving Victory.[15]


Darth Cliche made a proposal to vote for a winner, which passed. Darth had the most votes by far.


Spikebrennan first suggested the concept that would be the core mechanic of the dynasty here: [16]-- with mad props to Purplebeard's "social experiment" two years earlier [17]. The expectation was that unlike a "grinding" dynasty, this was a dynasty where the ruleset would initially accrete into a barely-coherent mess, then (it was expected) somebody would find a way to apply reasoning and tortured creativity to claim victory. Thus (it was hoped), this would be the kind of dynasty where, in theory, anyone would have an equal chance to achieve Victory, without punishing late joiners who had not grinded and incremented statistics. A pity that the dynasty lost steam after a few weeks. One of the problems was that proposals were not adminned promptly- some went three days or longer without attention. Spikebrennan 20:52, 10 Jun 2010 (GMT)

  • Mostly because trying to figure out what went where was a pain in the butt--Darknight 07:16, 24 Jun 2010 (GMT)


This is Ienpw III's second Dynasty; in the first, they were known as yuri_dragon_17. In 2021, they changed their name again to redtara.

Dynastic Histories

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