The Second Dynasty of Brendan

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November 3rd, 2010 - November 29th, 2010

Ascension Address: Start of Term

Yes, thank you, quiet please. QUIET PLEASE. I know the ride has been lengthy and that two of your new classmates were lost to the Moonbeast en route, but I assure you they will be largely recovered, and I would appreciate your full attention at this time.
Welcome, students, to Professor Abalone’s School of Witchcraft and Miscellany. Some of you are new to the campus; others arrive with years of thaumaturgical practice behind them. In either case, you have been admitted to a grand educational institution, and I ask that you demonstrate your regard and respect for its history. That means full attention in classes, no spellcasting without strict faculty supervision, and avoidance of the East Wing, which is only partially confined to this plane of existence.
At this time, please report to your new dormitories, as assigned by the color-coded creature tattooed on your right forearm. Dinner is served at six o’clock sharp in the Floating Rathskeller. I anticipate an exciting year for all of us, students, and please remember to report to Mr. Cruik if at any point you are dead.

Repeal all Dynastic Rules. Replace “Agent” with “Student” and “Director of Operations” with “Headmaster” throughout the Ruleset.


The following players were active at the beginning of this Dynasty:

Brendan*, Bucky*, Darknight*, Darth Cliche*, FuzzyLogic, Josh*, Kevan*, Mosby, Purplebeard*, Roujo, Ujalu, the unnecessary., Undef

The following players were active at the end of this Dynasty:

Alecto, Ambisinister, Blacky, Brendan*, Buddhagazelle, Darknight*, Darth Cliche*, FuzzyLogic, glopso, Greytyphoon, Kau, Loen, MacGeorge, Purplebeard*, Richard, Roujo, Ujalu, the unnecessary., William

Final Ruleset

Ruleset 84

Posts of Interest

  • Essentials - created the four Dormitories; Gothmog Hall, Ichneumon Hall, Penanggalan Hall and Bandersnatch Hall. Each Student gets assigned to a random Dormitory.
  • Rotters and Floaters - the Students can now be Alive, Ghost or Zombie.
  • Pay attention at the back - created Classes and the inter-dormitory sport of Nomich.
  • Spelling Lessons - a simultaneously posted Lesson system, where Students can Study or Disrupt a lesson in a subject to increase their Grades.
  • A Wizard's Staff - added Teachers to the school, who could have Grudges against disruptive Students.
  • You mean there’s no necromancy class? - merged the two disparate Class and Lesson systems.
  • Ooh! Ooh! Pick me! Pick me! - allowed Students to Brown-Nose a Teacher and become their Teacher's Pet.
  • School Library - gave Students the option to study in the Library once a week, at the risk of being eaten by zombies.
  • Swots and Troublemakers - Students could now be put in Detention if every Teacher had a Grudge against them.
  • It Tolls Not For You - allowed the Headmaster to end any Lesson that was more than 24 hours old.
  • Is This Your Card? - introduced Spellcasting, based on the Grades attained in relevant subjects.
  • The first Nomich match of the season - Gothmog beat Ichneumon 5-0, but this result was shortly overturned by a CfJ
  • Prefective - introduced Prefects, who were responsible for receiving Nomich hands.
  • Everything We Taught You Last Year Was Wrong - allowed for Basic and Advanced Lessons, with slightly different game mechanics.
  • Tenure Isn’t All That It’s Cracked Up To Be - assigned Teachers to oversee individual Dormitories, allowing members of that Dorm to request Lessons from that Teacher.
  • Cantriptych Introduced three cheap spells, of which the most notable was "Autodecapitatum," allowing Students to deliberately turn themselves into Ghosts or Zombies.
  • Behind the Broomstick Shed Required Students to take a hit on their grades each time they cast a spell; this had the effect of suppressing spell use for high-achieving students, especially as a potential high-grade endgame approached.
  • Nomich Rules Kickstart Introduced two known rules with unknown quantities into the Nomich ruleset, offsetting the potentially huge advantage that would have been given to the first Dormitory to win a match.
  • A Delicious and Educational Snack Created Jelly Deans, which could be either Loved Deans or Loathed Deans, setting up competing currencies for those in favor of a Light or Dark Ascendancy. The idea of student candy would shortly be expanded into...
  • Wizard Tuck, which introduced multiple types of candy and randomized the seeding of Jelly Deans.
  • Win Conditions set up the last-student-standing condition, though it started out with the steep requirement that the victor be the only non-Ghost.
  • Basic Puppy Eating with Lord Marvolo was the first Lesson post not set by the Headmaster, and one of only two chances to learn about Unbridled Evil, both naturally at the behest of Josh.
  • The Back Row brought class disruptions back into play by making a cheap, weak version and a more powerful, disastrous version.
  • Hurry up, hurry up, there will be queues soon established that "using the restrooms is a weekly action" and nothing else. After a couple wild attempts to make this into an actual rule of value, Bathroom Remodeling would make it a riskier variation on library studying.
  • The second Nomich match of the season and the only one actually completed ended with Ichneumon edging Bandersnatch by a single point.
  • The Brain Rules Set up an easier victory condition of getting an A+ in every subject--though this was still tricky for living students, as "every subject" included Unbridled Evil, in lessons on which Alive students could not study.
  • Nobody's Prefect merged the Prefect title into a Titles field with a number of others, including the School Mascot, who could neither cast spells nor be targeted by them. Ujalu immediately became Mascot and remained so for the rest of the Dynasty. Re-appointing Prefects also led to a shakeup, with roughly half the prefectures going to new Students.
  • I Came, I Saw, I Consolidated put the lone-Zombie victory condition into play, giving the Josh-Kevan-Alecto triumvirate their opening.
  • That Time of the Year was the last successful proposal of the dynasty, and continued the annual tradition of modifying the fast-veto rule (this time, by removing it).
  • The final Nomich match would have ended with a victory for Penanggalan over Gothmog if the game had not gone into hiatus before the Headmaster could resolve it.


Shortly after "I Came, I Saw, I Consolidated" established a last-Zombie-standing victory condition, the three active Zombies decided to scam it together. In Kevan's words: "There were three zombies and we all felt we had a lower-than-33% chance of winning under normal victory conditions (with some other players being very close to five A+ grades), so we just rolled a die with the agreement that two would idle out to let the other win. Alecto won the roll." Kevan then idled Josh and himself, leaving Alecto to claim victory.


The secret Nomich ruleset can be found here:

  • The play with the largest cumulative face value scores 5 points. In Nomich, an Ace is considered have a face value of 1, a Jack to have a face value of 11, a Queen to have a face value of 12, and a King to have a face value of 13.
  • A card with a value of 3 or 7 is a Bonus Card. A play receives 3 points for each Bonus Card in it.
  • Any play containing the Big Bonus Card JD receives 4 points.
  • The Queen of Spades’s face value becomes -12 unless it is in the same play as two Heart cards.


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