The First Dynasty of RaichuKFM

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February 27, 2013 - April 1, 2013

Ascension Address: Divided Space

It has been a troubling past year for the entire local interstellar community. Barely a month in, the previous dominant power collapsed, and tensions finally snapped. A massive power struggle ensued, and while no nations were fully conquered, it left their resources depleted and all boundaries disputed. It eventually ended when the previous power was reformed, although now lacking much of its bite. With the end being as relatively sudden as it was, further stability is uncertain. Another effect of the struggle was an increase in military power, especially the number of available ships. And with these new ships came new captains, namely, you all. Hopefully, you will all live up to your new positions.

Rename “Honourable Member” to “Captain” and “Speaker” to “Potentate”.


(Incomplete?) The following players were active during this Dynasty: RaichuKFM, Larrytheturtle, Purplebeard, kikar, MurphEngineer, Murphy, Skju, nqeron, quirck, Kevan, scshunt, Spitemaster, Josh, omd, Hugbeam, Klisz, Henri

Posts of Interest

The Final Frontier: Created the Galaxy Map, a large graph of locations, chock full of science fiction references.

Spectroscopy: Introduced diversity to the Galaxy Map, by assigning each sector a Spectral Type, determined by a COLOR roll in the GDNT upon moving to an unexplored Sector.

Spaceships With Ship Space Ship Spaceships Through Space: Fleshed out the starting mechanic of Ship Classes into a functioning difference, and introduced Specifications (Specs), one of the main mechanics of the Dynasty.

Resources: Introduced Resources, the other main mechanic of the Dynasty, tying it into Spectroscopy.

A Nobler Trade: Introduced intra-Captain conflict, via rolling dice, the size of which are determined by the Captains' Firepower.

A Fleeting Interest: Introduced Commanders, gameplay entities that were treated as Captains for most Dynastic rules, and could be hired via expending Resources.

Might as well actually do this: Introduced the Dark Matter Concentration (DMC), a number effected by various things, largely related to Spectroscopy.

Let There Be Light: Established a victory condition, if a Captain (or Commander under their control) reduced the DMC to zero.


LarryTheTurtle reduced the DMC to zero and achieved victory. While Captains could not grant Collection Clearance to any Commander they controlled, that restriction did not apply to Commanders, which Larry abused to set the DMC to zero, by having a Commander grant Collection Clearance to another of his Commanders.

Final Ruleset

Ruleset 109

Dynastic Histories

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