The Third Dynasty of JonathanDark

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December 27, 2023 - January 23, 2024

Ascension Address

[Because I Could Not Stop For Death]:

The Old King's spirit drifted out of his body as the Grim Reaper completed the swing of their scythe, severing soul from corpse. As it drifted away, the Grim Reaper stood back, satisfied by their work. Something caught their attention...the Grim Reaper sniffed the air, and then vanished.

Hundreds of miles away, a group of Necromancers gathered to perform their midnight rituals under a starless sky, using the energy of the night to recharge their powers. As they tapped into the necrotic energy field, each one felt the same disturbance - a sign of a powerful force approaching, and there was no doubt to any of them what it was. Seconds later, the Grim Reaper appeared among them and spoke in their minds.

"You continue to interfere with the natural order of life and death, despite my earlier warnings to you. I will now be forced to take more drastic measures. You will find your abilities waning over time, as each power you have created dies by my hand. Do not forget who has dominion over Death!"

As quick as they appeared, the Grim Reaper disappeared. The necromancers were silent for a moment, then began whispering among each other. After some debate, they all agreed on a plan. They would have to find a way to overcome the Grim Repear's promise to kill off their powers, but more importantly, one of them would need to discover the steps necessary to become the new Grim Reaper and stop this threat once and for all.

The dynasty's theme shall be "Necromancy".

Repeal all dynastic rules except for the rule named "Hibernation", reset all Special Case rules to their default values, and fail all Proposals except those making changes to the Core Rules, the Special Case Rules or the Appendix Rules.

Set the synonym for Player to "Necromancer" and the synonym for Emperor to "Grim Reaper".

Change the gamestate tracking page to "The Graveyard".

My Imperial Style will be: Gardener, Protective, Powerhouse, Scam-Neutral, Guarded, Methodical.


The following players were active at the beginning of this Dynasty: Clucky, Desertfrog, Forest, JonathanDark, Josh, Kevan, lendunistus, Vovix, Zack

The following players were active at the end of this Dynasty: Clucky, Desertfrog, JonathanDark, Josh, naught, Zack

Final Ruleset


Posts of Interest

  • Death is Inevitable: Core mechanic of dynastic rules being repealed 14 days after being enacted plus daily game loop.
  • You Too Can Be A Necromancer: First iteration of "temporary core" dynastic rules regarding Mana and Location.
  • The Truth: Start of a "tech tree".
  • The Book of the Dead: Established copying the expired dynastic rules to The Nomicnecron for potential resurrection later.
  • Travel Without Moving: Added mechanics for traveling to Locations through possessing corpses.
  • The Sound of Falling Sand: Added the Story Post for the daily Sands of the Hourglass game loop results.
  • Another Dimension: "Bridge" rules to transfer gains from soon-to-expire resources over to new ones, based around Dimensions and Power. Players who reached the goal Location before the Locations rule expired would be able to start amassing gains sooner in the new resources introduced, whereas players who failed to do so would start losing the new resources introduced.
  • Pick a Card, Any Card: Second iteration of "temporary core" dynastic rules involving bidding for Cards using Power, where Cards would help earn the new resource Prestige.
  • Echos of the Past: Deathrattles execute just before a dynastic rule expired, mostly to automate clean-up and help transfer resources.
  • The Book Death Dare Not Touch: An attempt to allow dynastic rules to be recovered from The Nomicnecron, but it failed to gain interest.
  • Cheese, Gromit! Cheese!: A way to ensure that Power could be converted to a resource that remained after the rule defining Power expired.
  • The Best of All Glyphs: Third and final iteration of "temporary core" dynastic rules (after several false starts) involving Necromancers choosing among Glyphs that provided benefits or punishments depending on what the other Necromancers chose, plus a decreasing Lifeforce that provided a wincon based on last-person-standing.
  • Death's Heir and Inheritor: An attempt to provide an alternate wincon for those who didn't do well with the Lifeforce mechanic.
  • The Field is White, All Ready to Harvest: Moon phases to add some variety to the daily processing of Glyph results. The New Moon phase was the most significant, as it caused Glyphs to "execute" twice in one go, accelerating the damage.
  • Masterfully Sharp: Allowed a single Necromancer's Mastery resource to be converted to the shared resource Sharpness for increasing damage to Lifeforce regardless of who dealt it.


  • Casing the Joint: Significant change that converted Special Case rules to Building Blocks


The final "iteration" of temporary core mechanics seemed to take hold as the Necromancers got competitive. Victory seemed to alternate between desertfrog and Zack, but a combination of Glyph choices and a random chance of a New Moon led to a devastating double Death Toll that left Zack with the only positive Lifeforce, so he was able to declare victory.


The Grim Reaper's Ledger

Dynastic Histories

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