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The Fifth Dynasty of RaichuKFM

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August 8 - September 19 2016

Ascension Address

Everyone knows that pirates don’t bury treasure. Well, maybe not everyone; Somebody had to start saying that, after all—But you all know this. Some, possibly from personal experience.

But this is different. You know there’s treasure here, buried on these islands. He was practically bragging about it to anyone who would listen. Before being caught and carted off, anyways.

He just never said which.


Rename “Scribe” to “Hunter”, and “Editor” to “Pirate”, throughout the Ruleset.


The following players were active during the dynasty:

Aft3rwards, Brendan, Bucky, Clucky, GenericPerson, Larrytheturtle, qwertyu63, RaichuKFM, Sci_Guy12

The following players were active at the end:

Kevan, Larrytheturtle, qwertyu63, RaichuKFM, Sci_Guy12

Posts of Interest

  • Bootylicious gave players Pieces of Eight as a currency
  • A Weathered Map created a 5x5 map of islands in The Golden Archipelago
  • Ship in the Night gave Hunters a selection of craft to travel in
  • X Marks the Spot added a scattering of landmarks to the archipelago's islands
  • Fire the Broadsides added cannons to ships
  • To See What He Could See, See, See let Hunters explore islands
  • Navigation allowed them to sail between islands at a speed depending on their ship
  • Jolly Boasting Weather allowed Hunters to buy clues from the Pirate, of varying levels of specificity
  • Treasure! allowed Hunters to raid islands for a little cash
  • Sand Bank let Hunters bury excess treasure on islands
  • Parrot Fashion guaranteed the Pirate would always sell a clue that they hadn't told that Hunter already; unless someone had paid to make the Pirate drunk
  • Getting Warmer added an expensive but very specific clue level
  • Combat, version the millionth defined a hypothetical system of inter-ship combat but was never used
  • Digging for Victory allowed Hunters to dig at the spot where they thought the treasure resided
  • The Atlas of Babel was a failed DoV based on a dubious interpretation of the sentence "All rules that may cause an Attack to be able to occur should be appended as Subrules to this Rule."
  • Captain's Fable forced the Pirate to reveal a few clues publicly every week
  • Charrrt a Course proposed an endgame of the 19th of September (Talk Like a Pirate Day), at which point every player could submit a list of possible locations of the Pirate's Treasure, with the shortest, correct list winning


Kevan submitted the most accurate chart locating the Treasure, having narrowed it down to five possible locations. No other non-Emperor players submitted a chart.

Final Ruleset

Ruleset 142


Dynastic Histories

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