The First Dynasty of Joranj

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February 1, 2004 - February 21, 2004

Ascension Address

OK, perps, you’ve done your time and you’re free to go. A lot’s changed out there since you got put away; the economy collapsed, alcohol’s illegal and a bunch of mobsters think they’ve got the run of the streets. But they’ve made the same mistake as you, my young delinquents – they reckoned without the Man. Don’t think that just because some fat guy with a tommy gun is making moonshine in his basement means that the mob rules this city; the Man is watching them, and the Man is watching you, and if you so much as step out of your house with a bad attitude you’ll be cooling your heels with Fat Tony the Moonshine Maker. Gottit? Or...

Alright, recruits, listen up. The Mob is running us ragged; for every one we bust, another two start making runs across the river. We’ve lost more men this year to booze than to bullets, and I’ll be surprised if all of you are still wearing a badge next year. To be honest, I’ll even be surprised if more than half of you aren’t wearing coffins. But as long the Man’s in charge of this city, we won’t let crime and fear rule our streets; with him at our head, we can still beat the mob. Do your duty!


Final Ruleset

Proposals of Interest

  • Turf War sought to establish two different rulesets - one for the mob and one for the law. The initial treatment was non-functional but was cleaned up through the use of tags by Kevan in Mob Rules, while tags were further fine-tuned into the format largely still in use today in Some Laws are Higher Than Any of Us. The Don and the Man were set up to have an adversarial relationship, with the position of the Don being occupied by first Cayvie, then Wittgenstein during the dynasty.
  • Mob Names allowed the Don and his Mobsters to obfuscate their identities using secret codenames. This spun off into a separate GNDT. Policemen also had secret identities, allowing them to arrest Mobsters in safety.
  • Urban Sprawl - BlogNomic had had a rewards-for-recruitment mechanic for a while at this stage. With 20 active players at the start of this dynasty, the reward started to be ratchetted down, and eventually was repealed altogether.
  • A way to encourage voting on proposals - This created the obverse problem in which quorum was suddenly harder to reach, so another occasionally recurrent mechanic was (re)introduced, of paying out voters on administered proposals.
  • The root of all evil brought in two of the main resources for the dynasty, cash and hooch. Players could gain bathtubs which they could use to make hooch; this was later made illegal, with people caught brewing hooch being made Prisoners by the Man and his law enforcers.
  • Short Whistly Bit brought in locations.
  • Let's play a game introduced a casino location, casino games, and [ ultimately] the FRUIT: GNDT command - which is also why Hooch and BAR are amongst the options. Keitalia made herself the manager.
  • Arresting Mr Hyde made it possible to incarcerate Mobsters by identifying them with their secret mob name. They would then be put on trial, with other People being appointed as lawyers for the prosecution and defence in exchange for cash, and trials being resolved by a comparison of Status.
  • It didn't pass, but an early version of the delay for comments convention was proposed by Brendan in this dynasty.
  • Don't worry lads, I've got a brilliant idea - Mobsters could do Jobs for the Don for cash and status.
  • Urban Terror created Riots: a form of unvetoable proposal which, with enough support, repealed many rules and awarded ascension to the player with the highest Status (a freely tradeable commodity) 48 hours later. The riot was then called by Kevan, on the grounds that the ruleset had devolved into something complicated, non-interacting and inert.


Kevan called for a Riot with some support, the percentage for which was altered when an idling player lowered the number required to start it. Keitalia had the highest status after 48 hours of rioting.


Dynastic Histories

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