The First Dynasty of The Alien

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March 4, 2014 - April 4, 2014

Ascension Address

This dynasty was automatically triggered when all members of the previous dynasty became (willingly) Infected and the NPC Alien character achieved victory. ("If every Survivor who is not Disabled is Infected, The Alien achieves Victory. In this case, all Dynastic Rules are repealed and a new Dynastic Rule is created with the name “Glorious Overlord” and the text “The Alien is an entity that is treated as a Survivor for all purposes. The Alien may never be idled.” Then, a new Dynasty begins with The Alien as Captain.")

It's notable for being the only dynasty to have an NPC character as an Emperor.

Final Ruleset

Ruleset 117

Posts of Interest

  • Feeling Better gave the infected crew scores for Mutation, Size, Brain and Limbs, with the Alien having plenty of each. Players could juggle the latter three stats by increasing the first, to a maximum value.
  • What's That, Skippy? allowed the Alien to vote, through the channel of an Infected Communicant.
  • Please Hold allowed players to hold objects according to how many Limbs they possessed.
  • Shut Up and Keep Digging introduced locations; when a new location was created by proposal, every player who voted for it was moved there.
  • Now it’s a little harder to pick up rocks introduced tools to affect location digging proposals.
  • Go To Work on an Egg introduced alien eggs.
  • Savings and Clone created a location where players could reset their stats.
  • I can’t let you do that, Dave created a location which affected voting on regular proposals.
  • It Followed Me Home allowed eggs to hatch into stat-boosting hatchlings.
  • Rule of Claw let the infected mutate a method of attack, later followed by fangs
  • Down and Out ruled that locations could be dug "below" others, limiting the players who could join the dig to those in the starting chamber. With no comments after 30 hours, Kevan sneakily edited it to include a clause about a random voter achieving victory. ("I was intending this to restrict dig voting so that I and the Alien could dig a chamber that gave me victory, as in the two proposals below, but when I realised nobody was voting on this I thought I'd go back and chance my arm with a straight scam. I think my thinking for the random winner was that the proposal would either time out and give me a win, or someone would actually read it carefully - and I may as well them an incentive to vote FOR rather than blow the whistle." --Kevan)
  • A Tight Squeeze created a new Crawlspace location which blocked larger players from taking game actions if they were present in it.
  • Royal Jam created a new Royal Chamber location below the Crawlspace with a die-roll victory; the proposer's intention was that they (and The Alien?) would be the only players in the Crawlspace small enough to dig through to the Royal Chamber, but due to digging not actually being a game action, it turned out that everybody could.


Benzene achieved victory as a result of the die roll.

Dynastic Histories

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