The First Dynasty of TrumanCapote

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November 29, 2004 - December 12, 2004

Ascension Address

Ascension Address

This lame Ascension Address made necessary by Orson's pointing out that Group Scandals didn't meet quorum. (In my rush to win I miscounted the vote before I admined.)
Something better will come along soon with my theme, promise.
From Rule 10:
"If more than half of Lords consider the win legal, then the poster of the Declaration is considered to have officially won the Dynasty - the Dynasty ends." The current count is 7 - 1.
Repeal Rules 11 - 34.
Replace Lord with Family, Prime Minister with Emperor, and Confidence with Thalers.

This Dynasty featured Families which bred Members, who could get married, fight and otherwise role-play. Truman Capote was known as the Emperor, later as the Duke.

He later posted an Ascension Address Redux

Loyal subjects; upon my ascension I was greeted with disturbing reports from my ambassadors, reports that the principalities, free cities, and states that make up my Empire were attempting to assert themselves in most egregious manners, manners which deny my God-given right to rule from my Imperial throne. We are an Empire drawn together by the fact that all must recognize the sovereignty that lies with me and do ourselves only harm, lead ourselves only into ruin when we attempt to free ourselves from the common bonds of the Empire. No state shall declare itself sovereign, none shall succeed with these misplaced attempts to unify the Empire, whether by noble marriage or war, so long as I reign.
Truman, by grace of God, Emperor


75th Trombone, Aaron, Cayvie*, Chronos*, Heiwa, Josh*, Kevan*, Knightking*, Quazie, Rodney, Royce, Shadowsliver, Simon*, Smith* (a.k.a. Orson), Truman Capote*

Final Ruleset

The Ruleset for this Dynasty

Proposals of Interest

  • Family, GNDT, Death (TrumanCapote 11/30/2004) Created the central element of this Dynasty: Family Members, though they only were made usable a bit later, due to GNDT characteristics.
  • Will You Marry Me? (Cayvie 12/1/2004 ) Made marriage possible between 2 people of opposite genders. A heated discussion ensued during all the Dynasty, about the possibility of same-sex marriage, incest and poly-marriages.
  • Divine Wisdom (smith 12/1/2004) Created a mechanism whereby the Families could petition the Emperor. It was not used as much as it could have been, since the Emperor went into oblivion in the last days of the Dynasty, just about the time this rule was most invoked.
  • Spam Limit (Chronos 12/1/2004) Altered core rule 4 - Proposals, disallowing any Player to post more than 6 Trivial or 3 non-Trivial Proposals each day, closing the loop-hole through which Truman won the last Dynasty.
  • It's not Just a Good Idea (smith 12/1/2004) Created the concept of actions "Against the Law" and a mechanism, through Petitions, for punishing any Family which broke the Law. It was massively voted down, because most Families thought it was been repealed by Kevan's Marriage Law. It's passed when Chronos proposed it again.
  • Marriage Law (Kevan 12/1/2004) Made marriage possible, though Against the Law, for same gender couples and for underage female Family Members.
  • Colonisation (Kevan 12/1/2004 ) Made Immigration possible. Families with no Members could now pay the tickets for foreign relatives to move in. It was later ameliorated by Immigration Drive, Yet More Imigration and State Sponsored Immigration. In the end, Families with less than 2 Members could roll a DICE and get up to 3 new Members. They could also bring those Members already married to each other.
  • Admin Edit Styling (Knightking 12/2/2004) Altered core rule 8 - Gamestate Tracking, creating a new form of marking Admined Proposals. After its passing, the script that updates the "Oldest Pending Proposal" in the Blog's sidebar started to work.
  • The Sands of Time are Choking Me (Smith 12/2/2004) Added a Calendar to the Sidebar measuring Years A.T. (Anno Truman). The Calendar was automated later with scripts built by Knightking.
  • Storking up a Storm (Cayvie 12/2/2004) Allowed couples of opposite gender to give birth to Children, with a nasty 1 in 6 chance of the mother die in childbirth.
  • How About That New Religion? (smith 12/4/2004) Created Priests. Marriages now could only happen after being made official by an ordained Priest.
  • I Disown Thee! (Quazie 12/4/2004) Now Family Members could be sent away to an Outcast life. Poor wording made it possible that any Family outcasted any Member, even if pertaining to another Family. It was later exploited by Quazie.
  • Theirs was a Forbidden Love (smith 12/5/2004) Allowed Family Members to have unlawful Trysts, which could even result in childbirth.
  • Fight Club (Kevan 12/7/2004) Now people could fight and kill each other. Note that it was not Against the Law to fight, but to kill was, even in self-defense.
  • An Inbred Jerk by Any Other Name (TrumanCapote 12/8/2004) Truman renamed himself from Emperor to Duke.
  • Professions (Chronos 12/8/2004) Created the concept of Professions, changed Priesthood into one and created the Merchant Profession. It was not much used, since the rule that would made it possible didn't get passed before the end of Dynasty.
  • Doctors (Chronos 12/8/2004) Created one more unused Profession.
  • And the twins (Royce 12/8/2004) Created a slim chance that pregnancy could result in the birth of twins. Another good rule that went unused, due to early Ascension.
  • Large and In Charge (Cayvie 12/10/2004) A complexly worded Proposal, it would fix the Outcast loop-hole. It would also create a victory condition (If a single Family ever has more living Family Members than all other Families combined, including Outcasts, then that Family may declare Victory.) if not voted Trivial. It reached quorum and passed 8-3, with a late change of vote by Chronos. 4 out of the 8 FOR votes said the Proposal was Trivial, which resulted in the Victory Condition being put into existence. It was the last Proposal to pass, as Quazie managed to exploit the poor worded Outcast mechanism just before this Proposal got enacted.


A fast and bloody fight ensued in the GNDT shortly after the enactment of Large and in Charge. Cayvie and Chronos fought each other thoroughly, both in the streets and in the church. The result was Chronos with a very small household, due to a very bad luck in the DICE rolls and Cayvie failing to achieve victory for the lack of 1 Family Member. Knightking moved in and, with the help of another bought of bloody fighting, marrying and childbirthing, was able to claim Victory.


Poor rule and proposal wording and a very early Victory Condition made this Dynasty one of the shortest in Blognomic's History.

On a side note, this was one of the Dynasty with the most active players, with Quorum oscillating around 9 throughout the short time it lasted.


See FamilyTrees for the final family member distribution and geneologies.


History compiled by Chronos. Edited by Smith. Moved by Clucky.

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