The First Dynasty of Yoda

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July 9, 2008 - August 4, 2008

Ascension Address

Greetings, Adventurers. You have been chosen as champions of your respective races to take on this epic adventure. This quest will test your skills, courage, and teamwork to the limits.

Sadly, this will be my last direct correspondence with all of you; therefore, I have appointed one among you to be the mediator between you and me. You must follow everything he says if you ever want to get out of here alive. Of course, I will still be able to converse with you objectively, but any details regarding the quest will be revealed to you through The Chosen One.

Repeal all dynastic rules. Replace “DDA Member” with “Adventurer” and “DDA Commander” with “Dungeon Master” throughout the ruleset.


The following players were active in this dynasty:

Amnistar, arthexis, Bucky, Chivalrybean, Clucky, Darknight, Devenger, Oze, Rodlen, Yoda

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Final Ruleset

The final ruleset can be found here.

Proposals of Interest

The G-Man of Blognomic Made the Dungeon Master immune to the effect of Dynastic Rules and proposals. As a side effect, it also made the Dungeon Master unable to create proposals, which stalled the Dynasty until it was corrected later..

Finding the Chosen One Secretly made one of the Adventurers the 'Chosen One'. This was important early on in the plot, but lost its value later. Most players never found out who the Chosen One was.

It’s not Nomic without Gnomes Furthered the fantasy theme by creating Races. There were a few 'approved' races, and any other race was defined as a "Monster". This caused two lingering points of controversy - first, that Humans were not playable (which later became a plot point) and second, that one playable Race, Ogres, were relegated to Monster status.

Its not Nomic without Economics Created Gold, the main currency.

Phasing in… Split up the days of the week into Daytime and Nighttime. Its main impact on the Dynasty was through the Nighttime Monsters proposal later.

This Nomic is so classy! Gave each Adventurer a Class, and specified a list of Basic Classes to choose from.

Let’s Try This Again #2 Defined Skills but did not create any examples. It also gave Adventurers an Experience statistic, which could be spent to improve Skills.

Character Sheets Set up the dynasty's more complex Rules by reserving a Wiki page for information about Adventurers' characters.

Revenge of the Eco-Gnomes Brought back the classic mechanic of gaining gold for authoring past proposals, and losing gold for failed ones. The gold gain/loss was themed as a fight with minor monsters, which was won or lost based on other Adventurers' support.

I thought I proposed this already Gave Adventurers a way to prevent each other from losing Random Encounters for good proposals with minor faults.

Return of the Nighttime Monsters Doubled the value of nighttime Random Encounters.

Attributions where they are due Created Attributes, which were character-specific numbers used in various places for the remainder of the dynasty. They were determined partly by Race and partly by player preference.

Generic Monsters/Puzzles Let the Dungeon Master create Parties, which were role-playing segments for a limited number of Adventurers. These were the dynasty's main source of Experience, as well as a lucrative source of Gold.

Let’s get some skills adde Created and described the six Skills, Bravery, Combat, Magic, Reveling, Religion and Thievery.

I’m Hungry (fo real) Created a fifth Attribute, Voracity (VOR)

Items, Take 3 Permitted Adventurers to carry around Items, and made provisions for tracking and using them. Also provided a Store for buying Items from, but didn't actually create any Items to buy.

HP or Not HP Gave Adventurers HP, set an HP limit for each Adventurer, and defined being Dead as having 0 HP or less.

We all need food every now and then Created three one-shot healing items: Bread, Apple and Fish.

Arise! Take 2 Created NPCs, which acted as Adventurer stand-ins under the Dungeon Master's control.

I put on my robe and my wizard hat Expanded the rules for items. It gave each Item a Type, and permitted certain types of Items to be equipped for extra effects.

The shop is open Seeded the store with various pieces of Equipment.

Instant Class-ic Gave each Class a built-in bonus to two skills.

The Last Piece in the Combat Puzzle Allowed Adventurers to attack each other (or NPCs).

Your money or your life Allowed random encounter monsters to injure or kill insolvent Adventurers.

Join Blognomic, see the world Allowed Adventurers to take tours for Experience while not on Missions. Notable as it was the only way for Adventurers who couldn't manage a Party slot to gain experience.

All But the Store Permitted Adventurers to give each other Items and Gold.

Six Rare Rings Created a set of five Skill-boosting Rings, plus the Ring of Healing which acted as a reserve HP pool.

The Store is Back in Business Permitted Adventurers to sell Items back to the store at a small loss. Nobody had the chance to take advantage of it before the end of the dynasty. In hindsight, it moved Rings of Healing from powerful to broken.

Letting it down easy Abruptly ended the dynasty at the Dungeon Master's request.


Due to time constraints, Yoda was forced into inactivity and put up a vote for the next Emperor. Amnistar was elected unanimously for his Dynastic idea as well as his activity and play style as his character "Thog".


Thog was blatantly ripped off from Rich Burlew's "Order of the Stick" character Thog. --Wakukee. 04:30, 18 Feb 2009 (GMT)

Not necessarily; Thog is an easy name to come up with for a stupid character, and it certainly sounds very orcish. User:Darth Cliche/sig 02:48, 12 May 2010 (GMT)


Written by Amnistar and Conspiracy (whoever that is).

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