The Fourth Dynasty of pokes

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15 October 2019 – 5 November 2019

Ascension Address

In the Year 2150:

Centuries after five unknown sailors are rescued (and one is left behind), Cspe Key has been swallowed by rising sea levels, as have most of the Island Nations. Halfway across the world: Energy Ministers from their respective countries take time for one more photo op on the steps outside the Ringmauer, the seat of government in Pays-Loups Nord. Afterwards, they leave home to implement (or not) the agreements made during this year’s climate change roundtable.

Veto all pending proposals. Change the first instance of “Weatherman” to “UN Secretary-General (abbreviated UNSG)”, and later instances to “UNSG”. Change the first instance of “Castaway” to “Energy Minister (abbreviated EM)”, and later instances to “EM”. Set the Dynastic Distance and Traitor rules to inactive.


The following players were active at the start of the Dynasty:


The following players were active at the end of the Dynasty:

3Balance, Cuddlebeam, The Duke of Waltham, Farsight, Kevan*, pokes*, TyGuy6

Final Ruleset

Posts of Interest

  • Captains of Industry gave each Energy Minister an Industrial Output, which they could start at any value between 10 and 40.
  • The Process set the game clock to 2150 and created a Mean Global Temperature Anomaly that rose each year, based on total Industrial Output
  • Continental Breakfast required everyone to pick a continent: when choosing an IO, it had to be within 10 of your Continent's average
  • As set allowed EMs to fill "Power" slots with Assets: Money, Military, Influence, Technology, Green Policies, Control or Privileged.
  • Two Kinds of Power allowed high-IO nations to gain Assets, and low-IO ones to gain Power slots
  • Asset Stripping removed Power and just made it a count of Assets. High-IO nations could generate Money Assets, low-IO nations could convert Money Assets into other types of Asset.
  • In which it gets to ya caused Assets to vanish with increasing frequency as the temperature rose
  • Bad Latitude calculated each continent's average real-world latitude and applied that as a modifier to Asset-vanishing disasters
  • A changing geopolitical climate limited Attacking and Propaganda actions to particular temperature ranges
  • Light Speed Agendas allowed proposals to be tagged as [Teleportation] proposals, which increased MGTA when made. All non-Teleportation proposals would receive an additional AGAINST vote.
  • Trade edgy of the Come mans gave Pokes victory if the MGTA reached 3000
  • Tea Trees allowed players to sign peace treaties which would prevent them making attacks
  • Being a Countable changed the IO levels for Asset generation
  • Making an In-Pact created a signable treaty against attacking a nation which had a Giant Ice Cube
  • Pro-Crass Tin Nation created Giant Ice Cubes and Oil Rigs
  • One Giant Leap changed weekly actions into once-every-game-year (or once-every-four-game-year) ones
  • Ice Cap limited Assets to 5
  • Byte II created a Treaty that generated Money, but caused a disruptive Robot Uprising if everyone signed it
  • Hot Dog: Ender of the World allowed Pokes to declare victory and start a further dynasty, if they won
  • Reis Sources created Blogium, Nomium and Icium assets, with victory to a player who could have the highest amount of all of them for 72 hours

Infinite Annual/Leap Actions Scam Episode

  • Finity There was an attempt by Kevan to use an infinite amount of actions to neutralize the rest of players, (via Propaganda) and this CfJ sought to deal with that. Had it been successful, Kevan would have achieved victory after some time of delay.
  • Electric Boogaloo Unaware of how Kevan's scam actually worked, but relying on that Kevan's would-be interpretation would support this stunt, Cuddlebeam (blindly) attempted a variant on Kevan's scam that relied on similar wording (using Leap Actions instead of Annual Actions) to trigger the "everyone loses" condition and end the dynasty that way instead. It was later confirmed by Kevan that their interpretation for their scam also supported the legitimacy of this second scam.

Both ended up ruled to be invalid though, and Emperor pokes gave a good insight as to why in the CFJs:

‘If’ vs. ‘if and only if’ in the ruleset has come up before and I always come down on the side of ‘only if’ being not necessary because (a) actions are not allowed by default in the ruleset (b) any “you may X if Y” statement would be meaningless in Y otherwise (c) I don’t want to encourage having to always write “if and only if” for this kind of thing.

  • Giant Ice Cube in the Sky allowed players to spend money to reduce the MGTA
  • Space in Space allowed nations to invest in colonising Mars
  • Some say in Icium reduced the mineral victory to just two elements, rather than all three
  • Permafrost switched on Dynastic Distance, after it was noted that the Emperor hadn't been doing much in-game "having taken only one game action two weeks ago to set up a base in the Antarctic"
  • Cough Fee proposed to lower the time limit for a mineral victory, which would result in Cuddlebeam winning instantly. It passed.


Cuddlebeam achieved victory with the assistance of TyGuy6, the Traitor. A 50/50 coin flip gave the next dynasty to Cuddlebeam.

Post game discussion is here.


Dynastic Histories

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