The Ninth Dynasty of Brendan

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13 December 2021 - 16 January 2022

Ascension Address



Unrecorded on day 1 of the dynasty.

When the Book of Trippers gamestate page was first created, these players were listed there: {ATMunn, Chiiika, Clucky, Jason, Josh, Kevan, lemon, Raven1207, redtara, Supernovastarbright, Trapdoorspyder, TyGuy6}. And, of course, Brendan was the emperor.

Numbers decreased to these 8 by mid-dynasty: {Brendan, Clucky, Josh, Kevan, Raven1207, Tech, Trapdoorspyder, TyGuy6}.

When Zack's Declaration of Victory was enacted, these players were active: {Brendan, Clucky, Josh, Jumble, Kevan, Raven1207, redtara, Silverwing, Tech, Trapdoorspyder, TyGuy6, Zack}.

Final Ruleset


Posts of Interest

At the start of the dynasty, Blognomic was still reeling from several unilateral changes Brendan had made after having gained omnipotence over the Ruleset. A new category, Perdurable Rules, offered certain players exclusive privilege to winning future dynasties, and had attempted to require a unanimous vote for these rules to be modifiable. But since in the previous dynasty, Brendan had voluntarily relinquished his omnipotence clause, the Ruleset was eventually restored to status quo.

Once things had settled down, Brendan took up a backseat role, and the players really got into the road trip theme. Collecting coins and Souveniers.

This dynasty also saw BlogNomic assigning a PodNomic correspondent.

Dynastic proposals

  • One-Way Ticket created a list of Stops of different capacities, a new Stop created daily by the Emperor, and allowed players to buddy up to share space
  • A Trip Out allowed the player furthest back on the road to always jump any number of Stops ahead
  • Behold My Stuff allowed random Souveniers to be collected from Stops
  • Gift Cards for Everyone! created Coins
  • Multitrack drifting exploit patch required Buddies to remain physically co-located
  • Bat Country added good and bad effects to Stops along the route
  • Good Intentions allowed the Emperor to create more Road such that there were always 13 stops ahead of the players
  • Nudge Nudge timed out inactive players at the back of the pack, moving them forward
  • Slipstream put new players just behind the existing ones, rather than back at the start
  • Hu-hell Howser created hard-to-reach Attraction Stops, and allowed Souveniers to be exchanged for others
  • Tiredness Kills added a Will stat, with zero-Will players unable to drive and forced to walk a stop at a time
  • Lethefrog added multiple starting points
  • The Hitchhiker’s Guide required Buddies to actually share a location when pairing up
  • Night Bus dragged some inactive players further along the road
  • False Memorabilia Syndrome limited Souvenier trading to dedicated "Kiosk" stops
  • Are We Done Yet? set the stage for a Final Destination stop at a random point further down the road
  • Dual Carriageway allowed Stops to have two Features
  • Tripper Clipper created a victory condition: be at the Final Destination with three Selfie Souveniers
  • The Open Road allowed players to generate new Stops, with the Emperor getting to name them later
  • Get In Lane repealed Kiosks, Kevan proposing this after Clucky had talked about a Kiosk scam and made several efforts to get more Kiosks into play. This made the victory condition effectively unattainable except by scams, which led into...

Scams and endgame

A rather involved, instant-win scam idea was noticed by several people, and the whole thing was patched (via Wish You Were Here and You’re really making me empty my pockets on this one). The scam being the only real victory condition, the players ended the road trip by voting to gather around a campfire with their coins and making all other dynastic rules irrelevant (as "flavor text").

At this point, several returning players joined back in. We bandied our coins about to try to decide who should be given a majority, to win and become the next emperor. Several randomizing activities were proposed and enacted, such as a Campfire Demon who devoured someone's coins once per day and a Charity Box to give some of the supporters' coins to a random nominee. Finally, three players just did a pooling die roll and handed their coins to Zack.


Before Staunton Lick converted them to coins, the following items had been collected by the Trippers:

Name Souveniers
Clucky Pen from The Heap of Spoils, Flag from the Parlour
Josh Stamp from Magma Wheel, Dried Leaves from the Burning Arrow
Kevan Tattoo from Eternal Thursday, Map from Sartre's Gift Shop
TyGuy6 Apparel from The Cleansing Blood of Darby O'Gill

Non-dynastic Changes

The generic category of post "Event" was elevated from dynastic rule to a Special Case Rule, in [ Uneventful Dynasty.


Zack joined the dynasty on Jan 13 with 0 coins. He asked Jumble for 11 coins, promising to double them, which he received. He won a 20-coin charity give-away, then Josh handed him 20 more. Finally, he pooled his coins with Clucky and TyGuy6, and won the 51-35-16 die-roll to receive all of their coins and gain a majority among all players.

Zack's DoV: Ashes to Ashes was raised on 15 Jan. While it was in the voting process, Kevan noticed that the Charity Box proposal had been edited two minutes after Josh had given it a vote, rendering it illegal. This meant that Zack hadn't gained a large stack of coins, earlier, and so he never had reached over half the extant coins needed to win. But a CfJ was quickly raised and passed to uphold the illegal enactment, allowing everyone to vote FOR the DoV after all.


Fun fact: Stop creation was not legal for much of the dynasty. After the passing of Good Intentions, Stops 4 through 44 were created under the rule "...the GPS should create and append to the list of Stops a new Stop..." That is, the GPS had an obligation to create stops, but not the ability.

I never saw a reason to call attention to the issue, as it would have been way too much hassle to do anything but retroactively OK everything, anyway. Kevan returned the wording to "may" between the creation of Stops 44 and 45. The enacting of a DoV upholds every game action that led up to it, so I figure it's over and done with at this point. TyGuy6 (talk) 04:06, 16 January 2022 (UTC)

Consensus varies with players, but I think it's generally taken that "should" implies "may and should", in BlogNomic - that a Simon-says "aaah, I only said that you should try one of these cakes, not that you could" scam wouldn't fly. --Kevan (talk) 08:25, 16 January 2022 (UTC)

Further to the commentary thread, writing up the proposal history for this one reminded me that we really struggled with present-but-inactive players in the early part of this dynasty, repeatedly having to propose to move sleeping players along the track because we it was clear that they weren't playing and we didn't want to wait 48 hours for them to time out, every time it became their turn. A reminder that the assumption for bare minimum engagement with a dynasty should really be "player will do nothing", rather than "player will want to take moves so should be waited for". --Kevan (talk) 09:02, 8 September 2022 (UTC)

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