The Second Dynasty of Clucky

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March 30, 2007 - April 29, 2007

Ascension Address

With just one cell in your body, I find it hard to see how you can hear what I say, much less talk, vote and do all that you do so well. I only know of just one life form in my home land that has a good mind, and yet it does seem that even a tiny life form here has a good mind. And that is good, for it will help us to have more fun as we grow up, no? I mean, it is good to have a mind, but you all are just a tiny life form none-the-less. If you want to have a real good life you need to “grow up” and turn into a new life form. Step by step, you need to shed that old one cell skin and grow into a new and not-as-tiny body. Only then will you be as cool as the life-form-with-a-mind that I know from my home land. The time that does tick is now on. The fate of each of your “life far from nows” does not rest in your hand, for you have not a hand yet, but it does rest with each of you.

Repel all Dynastic Rules Throughout the ruleset, replace “Agent(s)” with “Lifeform(s)”. Throughout the ruleset, replace “Mastermind” with “Apprentice of Will Wright”


The following players were active in this dynasty:

aaronwinborn, alethiophile, Amnistar, Axeling, BobTHJ, Brendan, Chivalrybean, ChronosPhaenon, Clucky, Cosmologicon, Darknight, Denis Brandao, Elias IX, gobleteer, Hix, Josh, Rodlen, Rodney, Seebo, spikebrennan, Zephyr

Final Ruleset

Ruleset 44

Proposals of Interest

Earning DNA - Created DNA, the currency for this dynasty, and turned voting into an important strategy as DNA was gained from voting.

Time to Grow Up - The "Leveling" system for the game. At this point didn't have much effect, but gave a use for DNA points.

Trivial Proposals - Made it possible to propose minor edits to the rules that would not net the creator a lot of DNA points.

Stayin Alive v1 - Created the life status, eventually used to create the victory condition and end the dynasty.

critters gotta eat - Created a slowly decreasing "Nourishment" statistic that would keep decreasing and could only be refilled later, by hunting or foraging.

Less Burden - removed a lot of work from the enacting admin on DNA gains, placing the increasing of an individual's DNA into the hands of the Individual.

Amendment - A short lived attempt by Amnistar to circumvent the proposal limit, allowing rewrites to existing proposals.

Ahunt we go - creating the hunting mechanic, incredibly important for the eventual strategy that led to the win.

Traits first go - The introduction of traits, the bread and butter of this dynasty. Traits gave special bonuses to Lifeforms, and powerful changes to already existing functions (like hunting).

Numbers Are Bad - Removed the ability to refer to a rule solely by it's number, removing some confusion that arose when proposals that used numbers refered to a ruleset that had since been changed.

Bribes - A proposal intended to entice other admins to pass proposals, and it worked.

Death is the End - Created the victory condition of being the only lifeform alive.

Violence in the hunt - Made hunting a way to target other lifeforms, leading to the eventual victory.

Death Fix - create a rule that allowed other lifeforms to return from the dead.

Nourishment through death - THE proposal that ended this dynasty. Allowed a smart player to kill everyone, by overfeeding them, and then bringing themselves back to life.


Victory 1 - BobTHJ attempted victory but failed to acheive it because of a complexity issue that he overlooked.

Victory 2 - Following in BobTHJ's footsteps, Amnistar and Axeling used the same loophole to pull of a victory, this time making a chain reaction where everyone was killed via bloat, and Axeling was the only one left alive.


The dynasty was a bit short lived for how complex it was, and suffered from a lull in players, leading to a few loopholes being introduced (some intentional, some not). The end result was several complexities that, when combined, chain-reacted for an unexpected effect.


Written by Amnistar.

Dynastic Histories

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