The Second Dynasty of Derrick

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15 April 2019 – 19 May 2019

Ascension Address

I gazed up at the pyramids towering above me. They weren’t the largest structures ever built. I’d commissioned larger ones myself, even before reaching my current status and power. Yet there was something special about these 4 millenia old structures. Something inspiring.

“Did you know the egyptians weren’t the first civilization?” My voice startles my assistant, and she looks around nervously to see if I’m offending any locals: it would make the news.

“We actually aren’t sure who is first. We remember egypt because of those. Because of the size and audacity of what they acomplished. Because they built big.”

“People talk about changing the world, but all they ever change is the attitudes of the people on it. I’m going to change it. Not with words and social programs, but with tractors and spaceships. I’ll control the weather. I’ll send colonists to mars. I’ll send them to the stars. I’ll build cities in space. I’ll build them underwater.”

I gaze back up at the pyramids “And no one will ever forget me.”

“Where are you going to find someone who can build a city in space?” My assistant asks.

I smile “Oh, I know some people who could do it, given enough money”


The following players were active at the start of the Dynasty:

card*, derrick*, Kevan, naught, pokes*, Trigon

The following players were active at the end of the Dynasty:

derrick*, Kevan, naught

Final Ruleset

Posts of Interest

Votable Matters

  • Money and Resources introduced Investment and Funds, which a Contractor used to buy Resources. Also included a victory condition.
  • Sign Here added Deliveries, the main way to get Resources in the Dynasty, and introduced the bidding mechanic that was used for the remainder of the Dynasty.
  • Corrupted by Capitalism added Sites as locations a Contractor worked at.
  • Planning the Ponderous added Projects, which could not yet be interacted with.
  • Bids and Awards introduced secret bidding mechanics for Projects, and mechanics for awarding them. By this point, no actual Projects existed to bid on.
  • Big Spender clarified what it meant to "spend" something in the Appendix.
  • Factories and Advertisements made Robots and Publicity "wild cards" that could be traded for other resources.
  • Eccentric Dreams added Projects that could be bid on.
  • Shipping Fleet increased the number of Deliveries open at a time.
  • A Kind of Loan introduced another way to gain Funds other than completing Projects.
  • Cetaceans Wake set all Projects to Posted, so bidding could finally begin.
  • Selling the By-Products allowed unwanted Resources to be put up for auction to other Contractors. Interestingly, this mechanic was never utilized.
  • Space Travel changed travel mechanics somewhat, especially in regard to the Space site.
  • Favoring the Well-Rested Set ties to be won by Contractors with fewer completed Projects.
  • Shh changed Project bidding to be publicized.
  • Top of the World established a way for the Dynasty to be Finalized.
  • Diverse Portfolio slightly changed when the Dynasty was Finalized.
  • The Invisible End Effector excluded Resources from Deliveries if too many already existed.
  • Red Letter Day tried (unsuccessfully) to limit the pool of possible victors to only Kevan and naught.
  • Initial Public Offering allowed the Dynasty to continue, as at this point Blognomic was Dormant due to a lack of players.
  • Patent Pending allowed Researched Projects to count towards victory.
  • Final Costs fixed the Researching to work as intended.



Kevan declared victory after having the highest ROI when the third project was finished.


This one ended with only two active players and an explicit override of Dormancy to get the dynasty finished. I think it fell into the ditch of having too much secret, silent information, with the project bids. If it looks like nothing is happening in the game, it doesn't matter whether some of the players are actually in a secret, exciting bidding war - the other players can easily assume that nothing is happening, and drift away. (By the end I'd lost track of whether Atlantis Arcology was awaiting processing by the Emperor, or if player idling had invalidated old bids.) --Kevan (talk) 13:24, 21 May 2019 (UTC)

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