The Second Dynasty of Trapdoorspyder

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2nd Dynasty of TDS Banner.png

October 11, 2022 - November 4, 2022

Ascension Address

PAAAAAAAAAAAAARTYYYYYYYY All week, all month, however long we feel like! We’re gonna party so hard the roof is gonna get blown off EVERY HOUSE IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD(!) WHOOOOOO’S READY?

P.S. There is a rubber ducky. That rubber ducky is why all of you are partying. We have one party game here at this party: GET THE RUBBER DUCKY AND HOLD ON TO IT. We’re not sure why, but it has to be important somewhy, right?

Repeal all Dynastic Rules Set the Special Case rule Bounties to active. Set the Synonym for the Emperor to “Host”. Set the Synonym for Player to “Partygoer”. Set the gamestate tracking page to “Party Central” Close all bounties.


The following players were active at the beginning of this Dynasty:

The following players were active at the end of this Dynasty:
Benbot, Bucky*, Darknight*, Habanero, JonathanDark, Josh*, lendunistus, Madrid*, Raven1207, snail, Snisbo, Trapdoorspyder*, TyGuy6*

Final Ruleset


Party Central

Posts of Interest


  • Da Rubber Ducky Introduced the Rubber Ducky, held by one Partygoer at a time. Also introduced points, accumulated as the goal of the dynasty.
  • The Life of the Parties - Scheduled once per week Grand Parties on Wednesday, and ordinary Parties the rest of the time. Attendance optional. Also introduced Party Score as a way of winning parties for points and temporary possession of the Rubber Ducky.
  • Hands Full - A generic inventory mechanic where players could hold up to four objects, including the Rubber Ducky but also some food items. However, Partygoers carrying too much at once could have their stuff stolen, again including the Ducky.
  • Location Based Menace - Defined a list of Locations that Partygoers might occupy, but added a holdable Acoustic Guitar that prevented others sharing your location from gaining Party Score.
  • Don't Tire Yourself - Defined Energy as a limiter on actions during a party - Partygoers had a budget of 10 Energy per event - and defined Activities playing Games tied to Locations as a massive source of Party Score... for the winner only.
  • Ruleset Reorder - Moved a majority of the dynastic rules, which had already grown disordered over successive amendments.
  • Party Pooling - Awarded a little Party Score by dice rolling to Partygoers ending an ordinary (not Grand) party in the Pool. As the main point source, Activities, wasn't reliable, this led to a running joke of people randomly jumping into pools as well as deciding one Party.
  • Point Score Confusion replaced points with Medals as the dynasty-long scoring variable, because various proposals kept confusing them with Party Score.
  • The loudest party on the block - Required party starters to announce it in a blog post. Unfortunately, this proposal marked the end of ordinary Parties as none were started after it.
  • One Party Limit - Ended any other ongoing events whenever a Grand Party started, fixing a problem that had affected the first Grand Party.
  • No non-party tricks allowed - Prevented Partygoers who weren't Partying from winning Parties or joining Activities.
  • Extra Spicy Proposals - Created the "Cook Off" game, a proposal writing contest judged by non-participants. This was the only Game successfully played during the dynasty.
  • Jams Jam - nerfed the Acoustic Guitar to no longer interfere with ongoing Activities, merely preventing them from being started.
  • Limited Energizing - Allowed Partygoers to drink Soda for extra Energy once per party. Later expanded into a whole list of once-per-party Party Tricks.
  • Beginning the End - Proposed a Victory condition of spending 100 Medals while Holding the Rubber Ducky at a Grand Party. It passed during a Grand Party where its author, Bucky, held the Ducky.


  • The First Party: Bucky won by being the only Partygoer to score at all, which was accomplished by winning the Pool lottery as the only participant.
  • The First Grand Party: Was reset partway through due to overlapping with the Party. After someone (who?) brought an Acoustic Guitar, there was a lot of activity with various partygoers attempting to evade the Guitar and score Party Points. However, nobody managed to score, so the Grand Party was won by a random Partygoer - Madrid, who wasn't even attending it.
  • The Second Grand Party: The Host started a Cook Off for which Bucky was the only other participant, although Josh tried to join late. The Host also didn't proffer a proposal to compete with, but his participation still increased the payout. That meant Bucky won the Cook Off by default and the payout from that was larger than any other single payout possible, and nobody went for multiple payouts to top it. So Bucky won the Grand Party.

The third Grand Party never finished because the dynasty ended during it.


Bucky's Beginning the End allowed the player holding the Ducky (who was, at that point, Bucky) to spend 100 Medals to win. Because Medals were defined as an integer (rather than a non-negative integer), Bucky was able to spend 100 of their 46 Medals, taking them to -54 Medals, and declare victory.


Dynastic Histories

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