The Seventh Dynasty of Brendan

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3 November - 10 December 2016

Ascension Address

Twelve times twelve emperors have held the nomic throne, and with each exchange of power, their sun wanes further. Surviving players are few, and weakened; the best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity. There is a sense of sapping, crumbling. An inkling that the life of the empire ebbs.

Deep in the grinding heart of time, teeth mesh; an escapement cracks; a tick like a bomb echoes through long halls of abandoned names. There is a brief lull, an anacrusis, before the great bell begins to sound its final warning:

The hour come round at last.



Posts of Interest

  • Twelve Times Twelve Midnight opened the dynasty with a bold mechanic that would destroy the game on December 1st if we didn't stop it ("This is the Ruleset for BlogNomic, which governs the Gamestate of BlogNomic. Neither may be altered. There are no Players. BlogNomic has ended."), but people were nervous and the proposal failed.
  • Six Salvageable Spans introduced Days, Arcs and Hours
  • Blood-sucking Parasites added "Ticks"
  • Repent, Harlequin introduced The Timekeeper; a (possibly idle) player secretly chosen by the Emperor, who would automatically win if too many Ticks had built up by November 11th
  • Restoration of the Hours linked each Hour to a past dynasty: each hour began Broken and could be Restored by writing a little about it
  • The Fun and the Prizes asked players to specifically record "a significant or trivial game action that occurred during the dynasty" to Restore an Hour
  • Absent Friends required old players to acknowledge their moments (in a blog comment or elsewhere), for those Hours to be fully Restored - with no acknowledgement, the hour was merely Focused
  • Sphinx of Quartz awarded Quartzes for namechecking previously unnamechecked players
  • I Am Become April’s Fool: a reprise of the opening death knell proposal, locking the game for six months in the event of failure. With little voting happening, it failed.
  • A Predecessors like None Other stopped players from namechecking themselves in Moments
  • Golden Hours awarded a Quartz for Focusing the first Hour in an unfocused Day, or Focusing adjacent to an already Restored Hour
  • Cuckoo made players the Guardian of an Hour, when they Focused it
  • It's Just a Jump to the Left allowed a group of players with 24 Quartzes between them become Emperor, with the dynasty's theme changing to that of a Restored Hour; this failed but enacted in a modified version
  • Pasts Market allowed gambling Quartzes on whether Focused Hours would be Restored
  • The Campaign for Real Time belatedly established that the game's "Days" and "Hours" were not real-world time measurements
  • The Emperor Has No Watch permitted Hours to become Lost
  • Crystal Days assigned a Quartz-and-Guardian based victory score, a player winning when they reached it
  • Quartz and All gave a Quartz bonus for contacting predecessors
  • Why Not added some daily payouts based on the state of randomly-chosen Hours

Game documents


Kevan achieved a Crystal Victory: "If a Player has a number of Quartzes equal to or greater than the number of Settings in a Day, and if that Player is the Guardian of more Hours in that Day than any other Player, then that Player has achieved victory. This is known as a Crystal Victory."

Final Ruleset

Ruleset 144


Dynastic Histories

Round One - Myke I - Lyndse I - Myke II - Kevan I - Anthony I - Est I - Kevan II - Damanor I - Kevan III - Cayvie I - Josh I - Keitalia I - SatyrEyes I - Metadynasty I - Cayvie II - Brendan I - Kevan IV - Knightking I - Chronos Phaenon I - TrumanCapote I - Knightking II - Quazie I - Simon I - AngryGrasshopper I - Rodney I - Aaron I - Josh II - Metadynasty II - Chronos Phaenon II - Excalabur I - Excalabur II - 75th Trombone I - Elias IX I - Metadynasty III - Angry Grasshopper II - Hix I - Thelonious I - Elias IX II - Rodney II - Clucky I - Doremi I - Chronos Phaenon III - Amnistar I - Clucky II - Amnistar II - Bucky I - Clucky III - Josh III - Kevan V - Hix II - Spikebrennan I - Jack I - Purplebeard I - Rodlen I - Yoda I - Amnistar III - Darknight I - Bucky II - Yoda II - Metadynasty IV - Arthexis I - Amnistar IV - Devenger I - Ais523 I - Ienpw III I - Qwazukee I - Klisz I - Metadynasty V - Bucky III - Wakukee I - Kevan VI - Ais523 II - Josh IV - Purplebeard II - Ais523 III - Ienpw III II - Klisz II - Lilomar I - Coppro I - Ais523 IV - Kevan VII - Brendan II - Alecto I - Josh V - Clucky IV - Purplebeard III - Kevan VIII - Ais523 V - Purplebeard IV - Yoda III - Bucky IV - Kevan IX - Bateleur I - Metadynasty VI - Coppro II - Ais523 VI - Cpt Koen I - Southpointingchariot I - Josh VI - Scshunt III - Quirck I - Clucky V - Bucky V - Kevan X - Josh VII - Kevan XI - Scshunt IV - RaichuKFM I - Larrytheturtle I - Skju I - Metadynasty VII - Purplebeard V - Spitemaster I - Josh VIII - RaichuKFM II - The Alien I - Benzene I - RaichuKFM III - Purplebeard VI - Kevan XII - Ayesdeeef I - Bucky VI - Kevan XIII - Josh IX - Mideg I - Kevan XIV - Brendan III - Kevan XV - Tantusar I - Josh X - Kevan XVI - Thrawn I - Brendan IV - Kevan XVII - Moonroof I - RaichuKFM IV - Larrytheturtle II - Brendan V - Kevan XVIII - Brendan VI - RaichuKFM V - Kevan XIX - Brendan VII - Kevan XX - Viv I - Pokes I - Sphinx I - Madrid I - Pokes II - Madrid II - Metadynasty VIII - Axemabaro I - Diabecko I - Kevan XXI - Diabecko & Card I - Kevan XXII - Derrick I - Card I - Madrid III - Card II - Kevan XXIII - Pokes III - Kevan XXIV - Trigon I - Derrick II - Kevan XXV - Derrick III - Farsight I - TyGuy6 I - Pokes IV - Madrid IV - TyGuy6 II - Kevan XXVI - The Duke of Waltham I - Josh XI - Clucky VI - Naught I - Metadynasty IX - Kevan XXVII - Josh XII - Clucky VII - Josh XIII - Bucky VII - Josh XIV - Kevan XXVIII - Lemonfanta I - Clucky VIII - Josh XV - Misty I - ais523 VII - Josh XVI - Kevan XXIX - Trapdoorspyder I - Metadynasty X - Brendan VIII - Brendan IX - Zack I - Misty II - Josh XVII - MadisonSilver I - Josh XVIII - Kevan XXX - Lendunistus I - Josh XIX - SingularByte I - Trapdoorspyder II - Bucky XIII - JonathanDark I - Trapdoorspyder III - Habanero I - JonathanDark II - Misty III - Metadynasty XI - Josh XX - Lemon II - Kevan XXXI - Josh XXI - Clucky IX - Vovix I - JonathanDark III - Zack II - JonathanDark IV - Josh XXII - Kevan XXXII - JonathanDark V