The Tenth Metadynasty

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14 November - 26 November 2021

Ascension Address


The metadynasty was started by a CfJ at the end of the previous one, when players were unable to resolve a victory condition and opted for a tiebreaker metadynasty where only Brendan or TyGuy6 could declare victory.


The following players were active at the beginning of the dynasty:

Brendan, Chiiika, Josh, Jumble, lemon, pokes, Raven1207, redtara, Silverwing, Trapdoorspyder, TyGuy6

And active at the end:

Brendan, Chiiika, Clucky, Darknight, Josh, Jumble, Kevan, lemon, pokes, Raven1207, redtara, Silverwing, Trapdoorspyder, TyGuy6

Final Ruleset


The Octagon

Posts of Interest

  • Welcome to the Octagon (a CfJ from the end of the previous dynasty) defined the terms of this metadynasty: only Brendan or TyGuy6 could achieve victory, but other players could earn Contribution points which would persist into the dynasty after. The two team captains would use a snake draft to pick their teams.
  • Final Fight gave the dynasty a deadline: if nobody had won by the 28th of November, a coin would be tossed to determine whether Brendan or TyGuy won.
  • King of the Ring defined a Yahtzee/King-of-Tokyo style dice combat system. Player would roll dice, score them, then pick a rival player to take the next turn.
  • FF8 is GOAT allowed idle players to take Audience actions to boost the active players. (No such actions were ever taken.)
  • JJJJJOOOOOHHHNNNN HANCOOOOOOCK allowed players to select Finishing Moves, particular combinations of dice. (Nobody ever achieved a full combo.)
  • Private Draft was a CfJ to resolve the snake draft quickly and in private between Brendan and TyGuy.
  • Tyranny of the Minority prevented either team from getting a full quorum on something while the other team was opposed.
  • Tagged Out limited who could be selected as the next player.
  • Showboating gave a score bonus for keeping Taunt dice while dealing damage.
  • Tag Team Brawl allowed three players to be taking a turn, at any given time, rather than just one.
  • Tapped Out allowed players to step out of the dynastic game and become Inactive without being idle.
  • The winner of the tournament defined a goal: have 50 Contribution as a team, or have the most when the dynasty ended.
  • Mixing It Up made it easier to score, after players were finding it "absurd" that 2/3rds of turns weren't scoring anything.
  • The Crowd Go Mild allowed players to acquire abilities through Taunting as well as through Audience support.
  • Beef allowed players to initiate direct duels against other players, once per dynasty.
  • Audience Effect allowed a player with sufficient Yays or Boos to achieve their Finishing Move with one dice fewer. (This would happen once.)
  • Hardcore Heaven 1994 made Inactive players into audience members.
  • I know how to play this game… allowed players to change their Finishing Moves, after a few players were stuck with ones that were now suboptimal.
  • Out for the Count changed timeouts from automatic to player-initiated, after Brendan had timed out without anyone realising.
  • Drive the Wedge barred new players from joining an active team, as endgame was drawing near.
  • Torch the Bridge attempted to bribe a member of the Face Team to join the Heels, by offering them points and a place on the winning team. Josh obliged.


The dynasty was set to have two end conditions: a pure merit threshold of the team with the most Contribution once either team has surpassed 50, and a timed-merit cutoff of 28 November should no team meet that threshold. On the 24th, Brendan, whose team was slightly ahead at the time of posting, posted a proposal that would effectively cause his team to immediately meet the merit threshold; in order to pass it needed all of his team to vote for it, and one of TyGuy's team to flip over. Brendan's team vote held, and Josh flipped, causing the proposal to pass; however, TyGuy changed his team's name to "with the most total Contribution" and tried to achieve victory with it. This claim was not found to be sufficiently robust to claim the victory and Brendan's DOV was enacted instead. Josh (talk) 09:45, 26 November 2021 (UTC)


Dynastic Histories

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