The Third Machine of scshunt

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June 17 - July 24, 2012

Well, this is a fine mess we’ve gotten ourselves into.

Look at this timeline. Look at it. I do believe that the Djinn is busy granting the wishes of some little ants over there, and in the meanwhile, the Computer’s gone mad and is hunting down Communists in East Berlin. Very successfully, I might add. Zombies are invading, and only being held off by a bunch of bureaucratic sheep, who are only doing it due to the boredom of being lost at sea.

Nothing seems wrong with that to you? Nothing at all?

This is what you get for traipsing around history without thinking your actions through. Who here actually believed that the time machine was ready for use, and that there was no need for more safeguards before we all started gallivanting around. You can’t do that. I don’t think you understand how time travel works. It’s what I’ve come to expect from you lot anyway. I mean, really, how’d you manage to get more than a dozen copies of yourself from different points in the timeline all into the same place at once?

Time is wrong, and I need to fix it because no one else is going to bother. And you’re going to help me.

(The dynasty was rethemed to Machines midway through, a proposal error redefining all dynasties - including the current one - to be Machines, hence the name of this dynasty.)


Final Ruleset and Gamestate

Posts of Interest

  • Geronimo! gave everyone a Time Machine, some Dark Matter and a grid of past Dynasties to visit
  • All is Sand suggested retheming the dynasty away to a building a sand mandala, given that the previous dynasty was also about monks time-travelling to previous dynasties; it failed.
  • Retheme came from the Emperor and rethemed the dynasty entirely: instead of exploring a time map of past dynasties the game had a factory floor of Machines, linked with power lines instead of causality, jammed instead of paradoxed, and attended by Workers instead of Monks. This proposal inadvertently replaced "Dynasty" with "Machine" in the core ruleset as well, leading to the name of this dynasty (enshrined by CfJ)
  • Movement added Robots which could shift rows and columns of the grid.
  • But What Does It Do? allowed each Machine to be named after a noun or verb from its corresponding dynasty
  • Actually a Proposal This Time defined distances, and made Power Links break if they ever stretched more than five steps in distance
  • A Cog in the Machine added Reputation for Workers, which could be gained and lost through Citations and Recommendations from other Workers
  • To quote Bob the Builder… allowed Powered Machines to repair Broken ones they were connected to
  • Noun-Verbing Time allowed Machines to be connected if one had a verb name and the other a noun
  • Tab A into Slot B gave special effects for particular combinations of verb/noun machines (eg. "Achieving Doomsday", "Innoculating Muffin")
  • From Mom With Love added some other Robots
  • Fixed attempt to avoid the veto gave victory to the Worker with the highest Reputation when all Machines were Repaired
  • Keep it simple stupid allowed Workers to activate or unjam Machines as a daily action
  • Flipping the Safeties made it compulsory for all triggered Machine effects to be processed
  • Overdrive again again increased the game speed fivefold, as the Emperor had gone quiet and was about to idle out
  • Merit gave Merits for repairing Machines, 10 of which could be cashed in for a Reputation
  • The Final Seven Shouds made the final Shrouds of the game easier to remove from Machines
  • Even more Overdrive sped the game up some more
  • Throw more engineers at it made the Forklift robot more powerful
  • Monotony will be the death of us all repaired all Machine and gave Quirck 100 Reputation, to end the game with them winning



With only three meaningfully active players, Clucky proposed to let Quirck win. The third agreed, and Quirck won.

Dynastic Histories

Round One - Myke I - Lyndse I - Myke II - Kevan I - Anthony I - Est I - Kevan II - Damanor I - Kevan III - Cayvie I - Josh I - Keitalia I - SatyrEyes I - Metadynasty I - Cayvie II - Brendan I - Kevan IV - Knightking I - Chronos Phaenon I - TrumanCapote I - Knightking II - Quazie I - Simon I - AngryGrasshopper I - Rodney I - Aaron I - Josh II - Metadynasty II - Chronos Phaenon II - Excalabur I - Excalabur II - 75th Trombone I - Elias IX I - Metadynasty III - Angry Grasshopper II - Hix I - Thelonious I - Elias IX II - Rodney II - Clucky I - Doremi I - Chronos Phaenon III - Amnistar I - Clucky II - Amnistar II - Bucky I - Clucky III - Josh III - Kevan V - Hix II - Spikebrennan I - Jack I - Purplebeard I - Rodlen I - Yoda I - Amnistar III - Darknight I - Bucky II - Yoda II - Metadynasty IV - Arthexis I - Amnistar IV - Devenger I - Ais523 I - Ienpw III I - Qwazukee I - Klisz I - Metadynasty V - Bucky III - Wakukee I - Kevan VI - Ais523 II - Josh IV - Purplebeard II - Ais523 III - Ienpw III II - Klisz II - Lilomar I - Coppro I - Ais523 IV - Kevan VII - Brendan II - Alecto I - Josh V - Clucky IV - Purplebeard III - Kevan VIII - Ais523 V - Purplebeard IV - Yoda III - Bucky IV - Kevan IX - Bateleur I - Metadynasty VI - Coppro II - Ais523 VI - Cpt Koen I - Southpointingchariot I - Josh VI - Scshunt III - Quirck I - Clucky V - Bucky V - Kevan X - Josh VII - Kevan XI - Scshunt IV - RaichuKFM I - Larrytheturtle I - Skju I - Metadynasty VII - Purplebeard V - Spitemaster I - Josh VIII - RaichuKFM II - The Alien I - Benzene I - RaichuKFM III - Purplebeard VI - Kevan XII - Ayesdeeef I - Bucky VI - Kevan XIII - Josh IX - Mideg I - Kevan XIV - Brendan III - Kevan XV - Tantusar I - Josh X - Kevan XVI - Thrawn I - Brendan IV - Kevan XVII - Moonroof I - RaichuKFM IV - Larrytheturtle II - Brendan V - Kevan XVIII - Brendan VI - RaichuKFM V - Kevan XIX - Brendan VII - Kevan XX - Viv I - Pokes I - Sphinx I - Madrid I - Pokes II - Madrid II - Metadynasty VIII - Axemabaro I - Diabecko I - Kevan XXI - Diabecko & Card I - Kevan XXII - Derrick I - Card I - Madrid III - Card II - Kevan XXIII - Pokes III - Kevan XXIV - Trigon I - Derrick II - Kevan XXV - Derrick III - Farsight I - TyGuy6 I - Pokes IV - Madrid IV - TyGuy6 II - Kevan XXVI - The Duke of Waltham I - Josh XI - Clucky VI - Naught I - Metadynasty IX - Kevan XXVII - Josh XII - Clucky VII - Josh XIII - Bucky VII - Josh XIV - Kevan XXVIII - Lemonfanta I - Clucky VIII - Josh XV - Misty I - ais523 VII - Josh XVI - Kevan XXIX - Trapdoorspyder I - Metadynasty X - Brendan VIII - Brendan IX - Zack I - Misty II - Josh XVII - MadisonSilver I - Josh XVIII - Kevan XXX - Lendunistus I - Josh XIX - SingularByte I - Trapdoorspyder II - Bucky XIII - JonathanDark I - Trapdoorspyder III - Habanero I - JonathanDark II - Misty III - Metadynasty XI - Josh XX - Lemon II - Kevan XXXI - Josh XXI - Clucky IX - Vovix I - JonathanDark III - Zack II - JonathanDark IV - Josh XXII - Kevan XXXII - JonathanDark V