The Twenty-Eighth Dynasty of Kevan

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16 March - 13 April 2021

Ascension Address: Giolitti As It Is Played

Giolitti is a two-player trick-taking card game thought to have been played widely across northern Italy in the 17th and early 18th century. Despite its popularity, the culture of the game was unusually secretive in nature and little is known about its rules today, beyond the fact that it was played with a tarot deck (most likely a version of the Tarocco Bolognese) and that its trump suit may have reflected and satirised political characters of the time. Cartlesham (1912) suggests that the “Traditore” trump card, which reappears across all known versions of the game, may represent a high-ranking figure from the court of the Doge of Venice, although contemporary sources and card illustrations appear to disagree over the individual’s exact identity.

Replace “Doge” with “Dealer” and “Elector” with “Player”.


The following players were active at the start of the Dynasty:

Brendan, Bucky, Clucky, Cuddlebeam, Darknight, Josh, Jumble, Kevan, pokes, Raven1207, Zack

And at the end:

Brendan, Clucky, Darknight, Josh, Jumble, Kevan, lemonfanta, pokes, Raven1207

Final Ruleset


Posts of Interest

Dynastic Rules

  • Deck Builder established the basic Tarot-style deck that the game would use
  • A Minute to Learn, A Lifetime to Master established the basic game: each player is dealt a hand of seven cards, and plays them one at a time, in turn
  • Scorecard established all played cards as a "Winnow" (a term that was later dropped), and the most recent three as a player's "Pocket"; it also introduced Pegs, a game currency, and bonuses for particular sequences of cards, which it called "tricks"
  • Power to the Players allowed players to signal that they were Ready, and for games to be started between such people
  • D-D-D-Deck Breaker introduced Masks
  • A Fine Game established the "Fine": a call from the Dealer that formally ends the game, confirming whether the plays were valid
  • First to Make a Joke about Pegging added the Magistrelli scoring system, a kind of ELO that rewarded players more for beating a skilled opponent.
  • Dem Trumps added effects for playing Arcana-suit cards
  • Every Impend created two sub rulesets for the Giolitti card game, Tournament and Impending. Amendments would be made to the Impending rules, and players would play card games under the Tournament rules. When no games were being played, the Tournament Rules would be updated to include the Impending ones.
  • Doppio Doppio Guaio added the Sfida, a form of doubling cube wager to raise the stakes and perhaps force an opponent to fold.
  • Mask On! Mask Off! added Tognoli, Di Paolo and Bonanno masks
  • Pair of Jokers clarified that all game matchups were assigned at random. This would remain more or less the case for the rest of the dynasty.
  • The Smouldering Cigar ended a game in a loss if it had been waiting for someone to do something for 48 hours
  • A Scaletti Never Betrays renamed the Traitor card to "Impostor", to avoid a crash with the core usage of this noun
  • Two For His Heels required players to call any points they were scoring; uncalled ones did not score.
  • Less Lumpy dropped the Impending/Tournament system and said instead that when a card game started, it would be played under the card game rules at that instant (linked to a specific wiki page revision)
  • Sorry, But renamed Trumps to Arcana
  • Moving Target changed the target of Il Toro from a flat 27 to d13+20
  • Mix It Up randomly restricted which tricks were valid for each game
  • His Nibs added the Grand Canal; a random card dealt to the table, with scope for it to have an effect on the game
  • See Venice and Die changed the Bersaglio from d13+20 to 20 plus the rank of the Grand Canal
  • Wits and Wagers allowed players to bet on the outcomes of other games
  • Wait for It paired players prioritising who had been waiting longest for a game
  • Fashion Show added a metagame about mask popularity: winning a game with a mask increased its moda, and winning with a low-moda mask scored bonus points
  • Best of the Best of Three, Mk. II added a victory condition: the first two players to reach 30 Magistrelli would play three Crown Matches against each other, the winner of two of those winning the dynasty
  • Trick Question made some tricks more common than others
  • Line of Succession clarified that games should be resolved in chronological order, where possible
  • Arcana of the Covenant added some special effects for Arcana cards, either when played or when they appeared in the Grand Canal
  • Per Josh allowed players to resign from games
  • Torn Stubs gave a 48 hour window to claim any side bet wins
  • Multimasking made it easier to change masks
  • Crown Match Bribery allowed Pegs to be spent to give someone a powerup in the final Crown Matches
  • Full Juice disabled Sfidas for the Crown Matches

Core changes

  • Play Cards, Not Dice recognised the Dice Roller's ability to use comma-separated custom dice
  • DomiNO changed Imperial Deferentials so that player DEFs were not counted when the Emperor voted DEF
  • Things Are Still Broken altered ascension to include an Interregnum stage, and to uphold all game actions during the dynasty as valid
  • Favours introduced the interdynastic currency of Favours (which would soon become a Special Case rule): players could grant Favours to others in exchange for this dynasty's Pegs, on the understanding that those Favours could be cashed back the other way as anything in the next dynasty
  • Solo Effort added a "No Collaboration" special case rule to try out in future (it was switched on two dynasties later in The Eighth Dynasty of Clucky)
  • Asterisks to Asterisks replaced asterisks with the "Rare" keyword, for Special Case rules like No Collaboration which default to inactive

Games of Giolitti

No. Players Winner Ended by
1 Pokes vs Jumble Pokes 7 Plays
2 Pokes vs Zack Draw 7 Plays
3 Clucky vs Jumble Clucky Sfida Rejected
4 Bucky vs Josh Josh 7 Plays
5 Darknight vs Brendan Draw 7 Plays
6 Clucky vs Bucky Bucky 7 Plays
7 Pokes vs Jumble Pokes 7 Plays
8 Raven1207 vs Josh Josh 7 Plays
9 Raven1207 vs Josh Josh 7 Plays
10 Clucky vs Jumble Clucky Sfida Rejected
11 Pokes vs Brendan Pokes Sfida Rejected
12 (No twelfth game, Dealer miscounted) n/a n/a
13 Bucky vs Brendan Brendan Sfida Rejected
14 Pokes vs Raven1207 Pokes 7 Plays
15 Josh vs Lemonfanta Josh 7 Plays
16 Josh vs Brendan Brendan Unclean
17 Jumble vs Raven1207 (restarted) Draw 7 Plays
18 Lemonfanta vs Pokes Lemonfanta Sfida Rejected
19 Pokes vs Clucky Clucky Unclean
20 Brendan vs Lemonfanta Brendan 7 Plays
21 Clucky vs Josh Clucky Sfida Rejected
22 Jumble vs Pokes Draw 7 Plays
23 Jumble vs Raven1207 Jumble 7 Plays
24 Josh vs Brendan Josh Sfida Rejected
25 Pokes vs Clucky Clucky Sfida Rejected
26 Lemonfanta vs Jumble Lemonfanta Sfida Rejected
27 Raven1207 vs Clucky Voided n/a
28 Brendan vs Josh Brendan Sfida Rejected
29 Clucky vs Pokes Pokes Sfida Rejected
30 Josh vs Brendan Josh Sfida Rejected
31 Lemonfanta vs Jumble Lemonfanta Resigned
32 Raven1207 vs Jumble Raven Resigned
33 Clucky vs Pokes Pokes 7 Plays
34 Brendan vs Josh Josh Sfida Rejected
35 Lemonfanta vs Jumble Jumble Resigned
36 Pokes vs Josh Josh Sfida Rejected
37 Raven1207 vs Clucky Clucky 7 Plays
38 Lemonfanta vs Clucky Clucky Sfida Rejected
39 Raven1207 vs Brendan Brendan Timeout
40 Josh vs Pokes Pokes Sfida Rejected
41 Brendan vs Jumble Brendan Sfida Rejected
42 Clucky vs Pokes Clucky 7 Plays
43 Josh vs Lemonfanta Lemonfanta Resigned
44 Jumble vs Lemonfanta Lemonfanta Sfida Rejected
45 Clucky vs Josh Josh Sfida Rejected
46 Pokes vs Brendan Pokes Sfida Rejected
47 Brendan vs Clucky Brendan Sfida Rejected
48 Lemonfanta vs Jumble Lemonfanta Resigned
49 Pokes vs Josh Josh Sfida Rejected
50 Josh vs Brendan Josh Resigned
51 Lemonfanta vs Jumble Jumble Resigned
52 Clucky vs Pokes Clucky Resigned

Crown Match

No. Players Winner Ended by
1 Clucky vs Josh Josh 7 Plays
2 Josh vs Clucky Clucky 7 Plays
3 Clucky vs Josh Josh 7 Plays


At the end of the third Crown Match, Josh was named Capofamiglia and declared victory. A complicated victory-share system included Josh's co-conspirators, Brendan and lemonfanta, and a loose collection of other affiliates and occasionally rivals; but the dice roll resulted in lemonfanta being handed the mantle.


Dynastic Histories

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