The First Dynasty of Bateleur

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September 30 - October 25, 2011

Ascension address

As the art world sadly mourns the passing of the legendary patron of the arts Verrückt Kunstwerfer, it transpires that he has left one last great gift to the world of the fine arts. The great man’s will contains provision for a one-time-only prize contest: the Kunstwerfer Prize for Modern Art. There is no entry fee and the prize for the greatest work is a formidable one million euros. There can be no doubt that anyone who is anyone will be entering. Quite apart from the financial incentive, the winner shall surely secure a place in history.

Replace "Survivor" with "Artist" and "Captain" with "Critic", throughout the ruleset.


Ruleset and gamestate

Posts of Interest


The game ended with a proposal to start a metadynasty.

Game events

Game freeze

On October 11th, 2011, Ais523, also known as CallForJudgement, created a Faux Pas which he claimed barred anyone but himself making Proposals, Calls for Judgement or Declarations of Victory, calling posts made by any other player "Treacherous." Ais subsequently made a DoV, claiming that as rule 3.2 at that point read "A proposal, call for judgment, or declaration of victory cannot simultaneously be any other type of official post unless otherwise specified by dynastic rules," any post by a player other than him would be illegal, and since this meant that no other player could win, he had achieved victory.

In discussion of the DoV, Purplebeard pointed out that by the same logic, any post which was a Work of Art could not also be a Proposal, CfJ or DoV without making itself illegal. Since the ruleset said that all posts were Works of Art, this meant that all proposals after the first one of the dynasty had been illegal. Multiple Calls for Judgment emerged in an attempt to solve the crisis. Purplebeard made a CfJ while idle, then unidled, thus making a CfJ that was not a Work of Art. The effects of this CfJ were limited to allowing CfJs to be other types of official post. When Purplebeard's CfJ passed, Kevan made another one, Drawing the Line Somewhere, which made Proposals, CfJs and DoVs not works of art. It would also, indirectly, remove the problematic Faux Pas.

Agoran invasion

When a fix had finally been agreed upon and was close to passing, a influx of players from Agora, as well some some players of both BlogNomic and Agora, began a self-described "invasion" of BlogNomic, on the grounds that the game being broken was a "reasonably good time" to do this. One of their number submitted a Call for Judgment which would end the current dynasty and begin a new one with the nomic of Agora acting as its Emperor, thereby satisfying a long-standing Agora rule that "Agora’s ruleset requires attempts to be made to cause it to become a player in BlogNomic". Many Agoran players registered in order to vote for the invading CfJ, and in response a number of older BlogNomic players reentered the game to vote against it. Each side persuaded two or three friends outside of the two nomics to register solely for the purpose of voting on the controversial CfJ.

This grew the playerbase to nearly 50, setting a BlogNomic record, and comments on the Agoran CfJ numbered over 100, extending past the viewable scope of the regular interface. With dynastic actions still locked out, play continued to be based on competing CfJs, with 33 CfJs and invalid attempts to make CfJs during the 12-day crisis period. There was an attempt by Bucky to invalidate the CfJ by activating an old "fail all active CfJs and start a Metadynasty" CfJ from 2008, arguing that that no rule prohibited re-enacting previously enacted CfJs. Bucky's re-enactment was ultimately determined to be invalid, as each player who had voted on the CfJ had since idled out at least once, and idling out renders a player's votes invalid (even if that player later returns).

According to the rules, I could have voted for the CfJ again, but ExpressionEngine wouldn't allow it. This was eventually 'fixed' by changing the rules to forbid commenting on Enacted or Failed CfJs. -Bucky (talk) 20:56, 2 July 2016 (UTC)

The Agoran CfJ failed when a quorum of votes against was reached on October 21st, 2011. The original fix CfJ enacted, the game was restored, and a proposal was made to take the game into an unthemed metadynasty.

Dynastic Histories

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