The First Dynasty of Cuddlebeam

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July 11, 2017 - July 24, 2017

Ascension Address

Pact Magic

The Artefacts were destroyed, granting vast amounts of magic power to a certain Russian handyman. However, in order to keep his new power in check, he needed to perform a powerful magic pact with entities from beyond.


Several years later, in an age of social media and smartphones, the remains of this magic still lingers - in the hands of “Pactmakers”, which have refined the art of the Original Pact, allowing it to be used in many more ways.

The Original Pact is massive, thick, but crude - like a giant rope holding a knot. Pact Magic works by taking a string from that “rope” to create new binds - or other surprising uses. And the Original Pact is starting to wear thin.

a New “Original Pact” needs to be made - and soon.

Keep “Combos” and “Tags”, Repeal all other Dynastic Rules.

Replace “Explorer” with “Pactmaker” and “Expedition Leader” with “Seraphim”.


The following players were active at the start of this dynasty:

Axemabaro, card*, Cpt_Koen, Cuddlebeam^, Dewaldo, Kevan*, orkboi, pokes*, Publius Scribonius Scholasticus, Sinq, Sphinx, Thunder

And at the end of this dynasty:

card*, Cuddlebeam, Dewaldo, orkboi, pokes*, Publius Scribonius Scholasticus, Thunder

  • denotes admins, ^ denotes Seraphim

Proposals of Interest

A fairly short dynasty. Started out with a Promise and economic sub-theme to turn into a Ruleset riddled with combos for infinite currency (and even combos for infinite tokens that represented 'infinite' currency), which eventually became the win condition.

  • Threads of Magic Created Promises.
  • Mana Created Mana, the dynasty's main currency.
  • The Scorn Ultimatum Scorning, which was popular during earlygame play.
  • Fleshy Limitation Created Stamina, a resource designed for Map Play, but Map Play never took off. Was relevant in Golem-making.
  • Damn near killed them! Created Golems, automatons which would follow in-built Promises. Instrumental to pokes' victory method.
  • Guess what? If you’re a deity, you win! Crucial proposal. Introduced the first win condition, which could've been completed by anyone who knew how to pull off a combo to gain 5 Gnosis instantly. Created an at-enactment race to be the first to post such a combo to win.

Promises made


The Ascension

Pokes and Cuddlebeam raced to pull off their winning combos once the win condition was set in place. Both (and simultaneous) attempts were controversial - pokes was an admin that was going to win based on that timing was crucial and as an admin, he could enact whenever he wanted (although he did post a notice), and Cuddlebeam was an Emperor that was going to win their own Dynasty (based on loopholes introduced during Core Rule reforms during the previous dynasty).

Once both winning combos had been posted, Cuddlebeam's actions had an earlier timestamp than pokes', however pokes' appeared on the blog sooner. This is due to that timestamps are of when the post was started to be written, not when it's actually posted.

It was finally decided that it shall be considered that pokes' combo had been performed before Cuddlebeam's, resulting in pokes' victory.

Final Ruleset


The Promise mechanic was inspired by Agora Nomic! Kudos to those crazy fellows. Also, in the end, that mechanic didn't play much of a role, as combos didn't rely on them and the combo potential with the other mechanics got really ludicrously huge lol.--Cuddlebeam (talk) 10:53, 23 November 2017 (UTC)


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