The First Dynasty of Quazie

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January 4, 2005 - January 25, 2005

Ascension Address

Ascension Address

I had a dream last night. An octopus began to eat my brother's liver as a hippopotamus made of cheese helped me sneak across the Canadian border and infiltrate a tangelo smuggling ring. This dream doesn't even begin to describe the obscurities of this dynasty.
Having no theme wouldn't be exactly what shall happen, but having a distinct one is not true either. The random, the obscure, the impossible shall be all it can be.
I proclaim myself to be the GRAND POOBAH instead of the Overloard. Muffins shall replace hordes and Stuff, shall replace brains. Years shall be in D.Q. (Despues de Quazie) instead of A.E. (Anno EquitisRegis).
I would like to point out that Muffins are walking talking and in all right animate objects. They can do everything that Muffins can do, and anything that muffins normally can't. this is just there so people who like to live by any sort of logic don't say that we can't be muffins, which we can, and will be, for no other reason than I say so.
I shall immediately veto "A Victory for all seasons", and "Jumping on the 'I win' bandwagon".
All rules but 1-10 and 99 now go poof (or are repealed for those of you who may not speak Quazie). So please before having them erased, make a copy for the Wiki, I thank you for your time. I would like to have a locations like thing, but not the way that one is worded, we'll work that out later.
Note that you should all be prepared for a dynasty filled with Stuff you wouldn't normally expect. There are many a trick up my sleeve, but if you are at least this tall you may ride the ride, and experience what shall be forever known as the ascension of Blognomic's first GRAND POOBAH – Quazie.
Please keep arms and legs inside the ride at all times, for we shall be making many and frequent trips out side of your normal reality. Thank you and enjoy your flight. There are exits here, there, and immediately to Kevan's left at all times.
And whomever does the color coordination for this nomic, I'd like a nice darkish orange background, and maybe something off white for the other colors, all I know is that there must be a darkish orange background, from there do whatever looks best without being eye shattering, sure that would go with my "theme", but heck I know I'm gonna be looking at this often enough that I don't want my eyes to die.
Just to note albeit hypocritical, I think we need to change the rules a bit so that you can only win by achieving a victory condition set by the rules, although mine was similar "If there is a horde who holds their own allegiance while all other hordes hold the allegiance to another and can keep this state for a matter of a few days they win", basically if the mouse can survive in a world of cats, he wins, that's how I saw it at least. It would have been possible for someone to thwart my win condition if they tried and with Bens help, all they had to do was move Heiwa. Oh well, let the fun begin.

Notes: Rule 10 referred to Points(Now Stuffs). The veto symbol was


75th trombone, aaron, ben, blueberry(heiwa), cafemusique, cayvie*, cheater, chronos phaenon*, cosmologicon, josh, knightking, orkboi, quazie*, simon, slipjig, smith, trumancapote

Final Ruleset

Ruleset at the end of this Dynasty

Proposals of Interest

Stuff It Made Stuffs of a constantly changing nature. Stayed for the end ruleset.

Position Added a number of positions, 1-9. Kevan is an awesome guy.

Flavor "Flavor" gave Muffins special abilities.

Let's Free Fall again Added a game of "Tag" to the positions - if you're "It," you rise in position.

Who is John Galt? Exceptionally good or bad proposals were given extra points one way or the other.

Haiku are Yummy Haiku (deemed to be any 5-7-5 syllable line post) in votes dropped the voter one position, up to once per day.

Into the Mystic Added colors, which could be chosen by a majority when a new rule number was added. Colors did not do anything.

I really want to dance Added Dance Offs, which let the winner get Stuff from the loser. Play was like Rock-Paper-Scissors.

Sleight of Hand Added "Hands" of italicized text which surrounded bits of words. There was also a "Switcheroo Alarm." If a rule was changed, the Admin changing it could move an ajoining hand, and then update the alarm to the current time, plus ten years. If the current time was after the alarm, however, the text in the hands was switched instead of moving a hand. If a player had posted "Shoo!" in the blog since the last move, the next rule change HAD to involve a hand movement if possible. There were two pockets for the hands to start in or revert to.

Gold Into Straw Repealed the haiku rule.

Muffins Roll Added "jobs" for the muffins.

The Cornetto Proposal Added notes and note histories to muffins - lists of their moves. If enough notes matched between Muffins, they got bonuses.

In your eye! Let Muffins poke one another in the eye and change the pokee's Flavor to Blind. This stopped them from moving, changing Flavor, or dancing for 24 hours.

Boiiiiing! If a Muffin moved to an occupied position, that Muffin had to move out.

Mystic River Repealed Rule 17 - Mysticism... the one about the colors.

That Sweet Muffin Music Changed notes because of the new bouncing rule.


When the proposal "That Sweet Muffin Music" passed, Blueberry's Shooing combined with the surpassed Switcheroo Alarm caused the Hands to exchange "a Muffin" with "the GRAND POOHBAH" in rule 23. The rule then read "Only a Muffin may give the role of GRAND POOBAH to another Muffin." Simon was a Muffin, so he gave himself the role of GRAND POOBAH and declared victory as per rule 23.


John Galt is the main character in "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand, which is, incidentaly, the WORST BOOK EVER WRITTEN EVER. EVER. PERIOD. FINAL. EVEEEEEER. Unless Ayn Rand has written worse books which I haven't heard of. I am quite serious, though. Ever. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER read this book, NOT EVEN TO MOCK IT! If you do, I will personally hunt you down, give you comfort and a cup of tea, and then PUNCH A LONG HOSE FILLED WITH TANGELO JUICE THROUGH YOUR HEAD!!! REPEATEDLY! -Your loving friend, Gobleteer. P.S. EVER!


DICEX, rather than DICE(6 sides), was added this dynasty.

As far as I know, only three nomics have ever mentioned a video game character/item in their ruleset. This is one of them, the others being Nomopoly II and Pokenomic.

Note: I couldn't find the original Tag rule.


History compiled by Gobleteer.

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