The First Dynasty of Trapdoorspyder

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20 October 2021 - 14 November 2021

Ascension Address


I have sent this letter to you today to inform you of a marvelous opportunity! I will soon be starting a massive town-wide competition to see which of our renowned realtors can sell the most houses, in the least time. The prize will be beyond your wildest imagination! (Think money. Lots and lots of money.) All you have to do is pay the entry fee* and abide by most of the terms and conditions! (listed below). Best of luck!

Terms and conditions: No realtor may cheat.** No realtor may sabotage another realtor’s efforts. ** All houses sold must be abandoned properties. (To avoid unnecessary suspicion.) No realtor may sell more than one house a week. ** Nothing important to me may happen on Sundays. (No need to anger the Big Guy. He’s scary.)

Sign here to join today!***


Cordially, Your Friend Eli Curf

*Only your soul. Nothing to worry about. May cause minor side effects such as not needing to sleep ever again. Only 90% of contestants experience withdrawals.

**Not one hundred percent necessary.

***Sign in blood, that is. A mixture of ketchup and Tabasco has also been found to work.

Change the synonym for Emperor to Eli Curf. Change the synonym for Player to Realtor. Set the Dynastic Tracking page to “Abandoned House Market”


The following players were active at the beginning of the dynasty:

Brendan*, Chiiika, Clucky*, Cuddlebeam*, Josh*, Kevan*, lemon, Raven1207, redtara*, SupernovaStarbright, Trapdoorspyder, TyGuy6, Zack

Final Ruleset


Abandoned House Market

Posts of Interest

  • Let the Contest Begin was Trapdoorspyder's first establishing proposal, creating a list of Houses with a condition, a size, an amount of appeal, and a potential set of traps; There’s A Ghoost Loost Aboot This Hoost allowed for houses to be haunted, and Estate Sales created a randomly generated "deck" of potential buyers.
  • Loadsamoney created the Bucks unit of abstract currency.
  • Zoning Laws gave Houses different properties and constraints based on their address on one of three streets, which led to modest chaos later on, when it only became apparent that houses had been created illegally after they sold.
  • Approximauction reworked an earlier failed proposal, creating the 24-hours-to-expire auction mechanism which could be used to put houses on the market--or to block other players from getting them there. This led to a number of players bidding over the maximum recoupable sale price for houses, just to lock down sale rights, in anticipation of a victory condition that could include a score for most houses sold.
  • Jump Up Jump Up And Get Down assigned desired minimum thresholds for Buyers and established the mechanism for selling a house to a randomly selected set of them.
  • A Simple Solution changed the character of the game significantly by disabling mantle passes, thereby also blocking off the avenue of gameplay from most recent dynasties that involved forming alliances for a share of potential victory to be allotted at random.
  • Cowards and Corpses allowed Buyers to be killed off if their stats were reduced to 0, advancing a strategy among players who had not overbid on houses to knock out the most valuable Buyers. Zoinks! then created the actual traps that were stubbed out in "Let the Contest Begin," and the two rule changes combined to allow players to rapidly kill off Buyers during the open house process.
  • Inching Closer To A Victory Condition set up a simple victory point mechanism called Realtor Points or RP, and Get your skates on, mate awarded victory points for successfully selling houses above their asking price; Wash your Hampstead Heath set a deadline at which the player with the most points would be victorious.
  • Stagflation and Haunted Monies successively took liquidity out of the game economy by shunting many of their Bucks into a new junk currency called Ghost Dollars; this allowed the richest players to exert significant control of the auction process.
  • Open House: 4 Arveg took advantage of a window between proposal enactments, allowing Josh to gain the first RP of the dynasty, before the potential RP gains from houses were significantly reduced.
  • Okay let’s give people a reason to buy traps opened up a scam wherein Buyers who were killed off during the open house process translated to half a victory point each. Brendan, the creator of the scam, was locked out of all available auctions by Josh's stalling bids before he could take advantage of it. TyGuy6, who was the over-margin bidder on the only available other house, was thereby able to use the mechanic to kill off many buyers and gain a significant RP lead. (Josh and TyGuy6 were, at this point, the only players with any RP at all.)
  • In the wake of low engagement from most players and a series of contentious discussions in proposals and on Discord, Josh temporarily idled out, and Dynamicest Endgame reworked the deadline from a first-past-the-post single victor into a roll-off based on proportions of RP...
  • ... except it didn't actually do that, as established in discussion on Discord and among multiple failed declarations of victory.
  • Welcome to the Octagon ended the dynasty without a winner, and established a wrestling-themed metadynasty as a tiebreaker between TyGuy6 and Brendan.

Extradynastic Changes

  • Asterisk and Nim Da made TyGuy6 and Trapdoorspyder, respectively, new admins.
  • I Never Bet On Baseball responded to the previous dynasty's deal, revealed only after the dynasty concluded, wherein Cuddlebeam agreed to vote exactly as Trapdoorspyder did in exchange for a favor within Agora.
  • Autonomy Mk. II followed a controversial series of failed proposals to block off the other side of that deal, expanding the Fair Play prohibition on sockpuppets to include full control of another human player's actions.


The dynasty was supposed to end in a timed, merit-random pick, with the Emperor selecting a Realtor based on their proportionate quantity of Realtor Points. However, at the appointed time, Brendan revealed that he had deliberately written the merit-random pick process to be meaningless, and that the process of selecting a winner should in fact default to the alphabetically first Realtor - i.e. himself. His DoV failed on a couple of technical issues; some opponents argued that the word salad he's made of the merit-random rule resulted in it being incompletable rather than having a default value; some argued that decoupling it from a dice roll made the winner role of REALTOR PRIME into an orphan variable. However, Josh's DoV on the basis that he was the actual selection of the merit-random roll also failed on the grounds that Brendan's word-salad rule did genuinely disrupt its effect enough that it couldn't be said to work as anticipated. CfJs to award the victory to Josh or award the victory to Brendan failed to achieve traction, and finally the whole mess was swept away with a CfJ that established a tiebreaker metadynasty between Brendan and TyGuy6, who was the actual merit leader at the time of the end of the dynasty. Josh (talk) 15:48, 15 November 2021 (UTC)


Dynastic Histories

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