The Nineteenth Dynasty of Josh

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10 July - 1 September 2022

Ascension Address

The stench of oil, sweat, and metal-on-metal filled the arena as the crowd road. Somewhere high above, in a booth overlooking the carnage, an announcer grabbed his microphones, and, after a moment of feedback, gave the cry that the crowd were waiting for: “BLOGBOTS… ARE - YOU - READY!!!”

Throughout the ruleset, change Demiurge to Operator and Omnipotence to Announcer.


At the start of the dynasty, these players were active: Brendan, Darknight, Josh, Jumble, Kevan, lendunistus, Raven1207, SingularByte, SupernovaStarbright, thundershrike Trapdoorspyder, wdtefv

Final Ruleset


Posts of Interest

  • Basic Mechanics (Josh): Established the fundamental economy of the dynasty: Operators had Money with which they could buy Engines, Chassises and Systems (weapons and tools).
  • Bot Bouts (Josh): Operators could pit their Bots in Bouts with other Operators, by changing their Readiness to signal availability. This was later modified to make it more nuanced, and restrictions were put in place to modifications at different points in the Bout lifecycle.
  • Start Your Engines (Kevan): Bots performed according to a predetermined Script, which sought to anticipate conditions of the Bout and prepare their Bots to perform accordingly. Bouts took place in a single linear pathway, which simulated relative position in three-dimensional space. The Announcer had broad latitude to interpret scripts as needed.
  • Wowing the Crowd (SingularByte): For a fair chunk of the dynasty, Bouts had a Viewership score; this was never plugged into any other mechanics, and was eventually repealed.
  • Scrapheap Challenge (Kevan): Components all had a percentage Condition, which represented the Damage taken. A Bot with a 0% Chassis or Engine was trashed and lost its Bout.
  • Big Flipper (Josh): Added the first systems: a Ram that damaged Opponents by bashing into them, an Axe to chop, and a Flipper that could put opponents on their backs. Flipping became a very powerful status so was later nerfed to expire naturally.
  • Giving Everyone a Turn (SingularByte): Implemented a system by which Ready participants for a Bout were selected according to how few Bouts they had participated in before.
  • Why Must We Fight (Kevan): The first stab at how Bouts conclude. This was broadened into a range of bout ending criteria.
  • Garbage In Garbage Out (thundershrike): Tidied up rules around script entries that couldn't be processed.
  • Up To Scratch (SingularByte): Implemented Scratch Damage, a small amount of damage levied for bumping into an opponent that became a key game concept.
  • Ring Out (SingularByte): Established that the squares outside of the confines of the defined Arena were Out of Bounds, and that a Bot finding itself Out of Bounds had lost their Bout. Also established that Bots could Shove each other, a strategy that came to dominate the middle of the dynasty.
  • Out of Range Error (Kevan): Some systems were Melee Systems, and could only be used at close range.
  • Incentives (Josh): With all of the above proposed and often enacted, no Bouts had yet taken place; this proposal from the Emperor incentivised getting Operators off the fence and into the Arena to try the rules out.
  • More Weapons To The Pile (SingularByte): Added a few more consequential weapons: the Taser, which had utility as a support weapon throughout the dynasty; the Cow Catcher, which dominated the middle of the game; and Spikes, which ended up being part of a devastating combo at the end of the dynasty.
  • Anti-Lockout Mechanism (Jumble): Gave Operators a weekly stipend to fix up their battered bots and avoid making Money too much of a rich-get-richer mechanism.
  • Time to Cap Off (Raven1207): Put a cash limit to deter hoarding.
  • Minute to Win It (Kevan): Increased the duration of Bouts from 10 turns to 60.
  • Opening Shop (thundershrike): More systems, including the essential Shove counterplay Lead Weight.
  • Junkers (SupernovaStarbright): Allowed unused systems to be retained in a spare parts bin.
  • Underlay Underlay Arena (Josh): Added Arena configurations, which could be traps, obstacles, House Bots or bumpers, and added a few new Statuses.
  • Your Name In Lights (Josh): The first VC. Added the LED Banner, which each Bot could have as a System in their Bot and which tracked the number of Bots that Operator had defeated; having quorum names on your Banner would confer victory.
  • New Drops (Josh): More new kit; the Inverter Driver being a powerful counter to a flipper build, and the flamethrower and pincers being used to apply statuses to rivals.
  • Don't Tar All Bots With The Same Brush (SingularByte): Configurations created an issue whereby Competitors could get caught on either side of the House Bot and not manage to reach each other. This was one proposal to fix it: Trashed Bots got removed from the floor, leaving a trap behind them as they did so.
  • Bye Bye Pass (Josh): Another change on the same theme was Bypassing, which allowed Bots to opt to move through the space without interacting with each other or the House Bots. Blocking could counter bypassing.
  • Gaffer Tape Bodge (Josh): Allowed for small, occasional repairs to Bots, to avoid players getting caught in a 0% / 0 Money trap.
  • Economy Fail (Brendan): Made cash rewards flat between winners and losers. The emperor missed this change and no-one noticed, meaning that a lot of Bouts ended with the amount of cash awarded to the loser being missed. This was addressed by CfJ.
  • Hook Line and Sinker (Josh): The Grapple got a big buff, and accordingly so did melee builds.
  • Sfida (Josh): Introduced the ability to Taunt each other, for increased money or additional damage. Only lightly used, even after being made more powerful.
  • Pumped Up Kicks (Josh): Added some new gear, including the exploitable Modular Breakpoint and the powerful defensive Ablative Plating.
  • Winners at War (Josh): A second VC, this one setting a time limit after which the remaining Operators would get placed into a Bracket and would have to fight a tournament for the crown.
  • Formalised Disputes (SingularByte): Set out how disputes would impact the timeline during the Tournament.
  • The Bots Attain Sentience (Josh): Picked up an idea from Habanero to add some advanced scripting options into the game. Improved by SingularByte.
  • Double Blind (Habanero): Bot configs are hidden during Tournament Mode.
  • Bottling It (Brendan): Nerfed a promising new strategy around stacking multiple versions of the same System on a bot, for multiplicative effect.
  • Fighting Fund (Josh) and Stimulus Check (lendunistus): Boosted resources available to Operators as the Tournament loomed.
  • Imperfectly Debalanced (Habanero): A final balance pass that also added the last new System, the springloaded treads.
  • Some of the bits (Josh): Boosted flip durations and amended the way that Scrambled worked.
  • Standardised Rule Books (SingularByte): The rules for each Bout were held in place in advance.

Non-Dynastic Proposals

  • Play Fair (Trapdoorspyder): Attempted to prevent admins from 'abusing their powers', interpreted broadly; did not pass.


Bout # Participants Winner Announcement Bout
1 Kevan vs Brendan Kevan Announcement #1 Bout #1
2 SingularByte vs SupernovaStarbright SupernovaStarbright Announcement #2 Bout #2
3 Jumble vs Lendunistus Jumble Announcement #3 Bout 3
4 Jumble vs Trapdoorspyder Jumble Announcement #4 Bout #4
5 thundershrike vs SupernovaStarbright thundershrike Announcement #5 Bout #5
6 SingularByte vs Trapdoorspyder Trapdoorspyder Announcement #6 Bout #6
7 SupernovaStarbright vs Jumble SupernovaStarbright Announcement #8 Bout #7
8 Trapdoorspyder vs thundershrike Trapdoorspyder Announcement #7 Bout 8
9 Trapdoorspyder vs Raven1207 Trapdoorspyder Announcement #9 Bout #9
10 lendunsitus vs chiiika lendunistus * Announcement #9 Bout #10
11 Darknight vs SingularByte SingularByte Announcement #11 Bout #11
12 Darknight vs SingularByte SingularByte Announcement #12 Bout #12
13 Trapdoorspyder vs SupernovaStarBright SupernovaStarbright Announcement #13 Bout #13
14 SingularByte vs Jumble SingularByte Announcement #13 Bout #14
15 Lendunistus vs Raven1207 lendunistus Announcement #13 Bout #15
16 Darknight vs Brendan Brendan Announcement #14 Bout #16
17 SingularByte vs chiiika SingularByte Announcement #14 Bout #17
18 SupernovaStarbright vs Lendunistus SupernovaStarbright Announcement #15 Bout #18
19 Jumble vs Trapdoorspyder Trapdoorspyder Announcement #15 Bout #19
20 SingularByte vs Brendan Brendan * Announcement #16 Bout #20
21 SupernovaStarbright vs Trapdoorspyder Trapdoorspyder Announcement #17 Bout #21
22 Brendan vs chiiika Brendan Announcement #18 Bout #22
23 Raven1207 vs Lendunistus lendunistus Announcement #18 Bout #23
24 SingularByte vs Trapdoorspyder SingularByte Announcement #19 Bout #24
25 Lendunistus vs Trapdoorspyder Trapdoorspyder Announcement #21 Bout #25
26 Brendan vs Maldor Brendan Announcement #20 Bout #26
27 chiiika vs Trapdoorspyder Trapdoorspyder Announcement #22 Bout #27
28 SingularByte vs Brendan Brendan Announcement #23 Bout #28
29 Raven1207 vs Habanero Habanero Announcement #24 Bout #29
30 SupernovaStarbright vs Trapdoorspyder SupernovaStarbright Announcement #24 Bout #30
31 Brendan vs SupernovaStarBright Brendan Announcement #25 Bout #31
32 Habanero vs Maldor Habanero Announcement #26 Bout #32
33 Trapdoorspyder vs SingularByte Trapdoorspyder Announcement #27 Bout #33
34 SingularByte vs Habanero Habanero Announcement #28 Bout #34
35 Trapdoorspyder vs SingularByte SingularByte Announcement #29 Bout #35
36 Darknight vs Habanero Darknight Announcement #29 Bout #36


Bout # Participants Winner Bout
T1 Darknight vs Lendunistus Darknight Tounament Bout #1
T2 SupernovaStarbright vs Maldor SupernovaStarbright Tounament Bout #2
T3 Brendan vs Darknight Brendan Tournament Bout #3]
T4 SupernovaStarbright vs SingularByte SingularByte Tournament Bout #4
T5 Trapdoorspyder vs Habanero Habanero Tounament Bout #5
T6 Habanero vs SingularByte SingularByte Tournament Bout #6
T7 Brendan vs SingularByte SingularByte Tounament Bout #7


The final tournament bout between Brendan and SingularByte was won by SingularByte.


Commentary thread


Hard Hat, by Brendan:

DuckTank, by Brendan:

Infinite DuckTank, by SingularByte / AI:
Ducktank blasts off.png

Killing Joke, by Brendan:

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