The Fourth Metadynasty

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December 19, 2008 - January 14, 2009

Ascension Address

There was no real Ascension Address, as this Metadynasty flowed (sort of) smoothly from the last Dynasty.


The following players were active in this dynasty:

Amnistar, arthexis, Bucky, Cayvie, Clucky, Darknight, eljefe, Escher, Gnauga, Klisz, Oze, Qwazukee, Rodlen, Sgeo, SingularByte, spikebrennan, Wakukee, Yoda

Final Ruleset

Posts of Interest

BLO Posts

GNO Posts

MIC Posts


This Dynasty saw a great struggle between the three factions. The main players were arthexis, Yoda, and Darth Cliche, though Clucky, Rodlen, and a few others would play very vital roles. There were only 2 likely to achieve victory, however, and DC summed it up: "Arth vs. Darth." arthexis had the M relic before he got Yoda's support (Yoda did not quite have the numbers to win himself, and wanted the Dynasty to end). The hilariously-easy-to-extract B relic eventually belonged to arthexis, just in time to avoid Darknight's threats of sending the Dynasty into chaos similar to that in which it had been conceived. With a historic number of comments (116, so many that some would not show up and a record at that time), arthexis won.


Yes, people, you did read the title right. Rodlen 01:17, 20 Dec 2008 (GMT)
The idea of different nomics 'battling' was originally suggested by Rodney. I proposed the names 'Blo', 'Gno' and 'Mic' for the names of the factions. Oze 12:02, 20 Dec 2008 (GMT)

Darth used his glitch admin powers to enact a proposal. Rodlen 02:58, 8 Jan 2009 (GMT)
So we made him an admin lol--Darknight 21:56, 12 Jan 2009 (GMT)
After an attempt to ban him that failed epically, that is. Check out my new sig! User:Rodlen/sig 17:07, 14 Jan 2009 (GMT)
Given that the "glitch admin powers" turned out to be an overblown mix of misinterpreted ExpressionEngine pages and basic HTML abuse, and that Rodlen claimed that his computer was compromised, I think this means in retrospect that "Rodlen, or a mysterious stranger using Rodlen's computer, illegally gave Darth Cliche temporary admin rights". --Kevan 21:16, 6 Jul 2009 (GMT)
What it really means is: "Ordinary players have the ability to mark posts as Enacted/Failed/whatever, along with the ability to see the box where admins type their comments." I never had any powers at all, except in the Second Dynasty of Yoda. User:Darth Cliche/sig 21:04, 10 Dec 2009 (GMT)

I must say that I won simply because I was the closer to winning when everybody got bored with the theme. Also, a lot of animosity was aired because some people disagreed with me taking victory. In the end I think it was time for me to win finally (and also, my Faction was the most amusing one) Arthexis 06:39, 15 Jan 2009 (GMT)

I broke the BLO ruleset, discovered evil GNO plots against me, and hurt people. Not in that exact order. For Dimensional Stability! Rodlen

The BLO ruleset was already broken from the start. It was more or less an experiment to see what people would do with all those easily abusable rules. Surprise: They abused the rules. Arthexis 06:43, 15 Jan 2009 (GMT)

During the end of this dynasty, some major admin powers were discovered. The ability to check the IP addresses for certain comments, the ability to edit comments, and stuff like that. User:Rodlen/sig 02:36, 15 Jan 2009 (GMT)

Finally, we discovered that many normal players had gained admin powers. Wakukee and Darth. User:Rodlen/sig 02:42, 15 Jan 2009 (GMT)

Thats got to be the longest, and most link filled, sig I've seen Rod--Darknight 10:48, 15 Jan 2009 (GMT)
Believe me, the sigs on major wikis are much longer and much more link-filled than this. User:Rodlen/sig 15:50, 15 Jan 2009 (GMT)
In actuality, a few display quirks in ExpressionEngine's interface were wilfully misinterpreted as "admin powers". --Kevan 10:35, 12 Apr 2009 (GMT)

This was a very busy, and confusing dynasty. It went a bit out of control towards the end, but it was an interesting test of the capabilities of the Nomic. Oze 16:37, 15 Jan 2009 (GMT)

We forgot to make a wiki page for the meta's main ruleset--Darknight 23:46, 15 Jan 2009 (GMT)

My first Dynasty. --Qwazukee 08:13, 12 Apr 2009 (GMT)

The details of the GNO encryption methods were eventually revealed here. CallForJudgement 14:05, 27 Jul 2010 (GMT)


This Dynasty was known as "The First Metadynasty of Rodlen" throughout its existence and up until The First Dynasty of yuri_dragon_17. At that time, it seemed that a Metadynasty was looming, and questions arose as to which number it would be. The final verdict, confirmed by unanimous vote (, was that the next Metadynasty would be the fifth. Upon scouring the archives, while there was a Proposal creating a Rule called "The First Metadynasty of Rodlen," there was never a Rule or Proposal that allowed a Metadynasty to belong to someone. Indeed, the previous Dynasty passed directly into Metadynasty; as such, this should be known as "The Fourth Metadynasty."


Written by Qwazukee.

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